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Summer Pierre

Summer Pierre is a cartoonist, illustrator, writer, & teacher. She is the author of The Artist in the Office: How to Creatively Survive and Thrive Seven Days a Week and the autobiographical comics series Paper Pencil Life. She lives in the Hudson Valley, NY with her family.

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About this course

Through this course you will:
-learn the basics of how comics work in language and in form

-how to compose and create your comics

-learn where characters come from and how they tell their stories

-learn how to build your own small scale comic stories

-how to trust your own voice and ability when it comes to drawing

-be inspired to making drawing and writing a regular part of your life.


What former students have said about me:

I loved Summer as a teacher! Her blend of thoughtful instruction, genuine encouragement and sense of fun empowered everyone in the class to discover and create with great freedom while gaining new skills and perspectives on art...Can't recommend them highly enough!

- Jen M., 

Simply put, Summer Pierre is a terrific teacher. When I signed up for her class, I was in the midst of learning to draw at the ripe old age of 67. (Since then I've turned 68.) I told her my drawing skills were rudimentary. "No problem", she replied. And it wasn't.  Her classes are well organized...and her enthusiasm and encouragement are infectious. 

-John D.

Summer brings so much fun and warmth to the classroom, it's almost as if you only realize afterward that -- through some keen sleight of hand -- she has imparted valuable lessons and guidance. Her depth of knowledge is a great asset and her commitment and passion for comics is contagious. 

-Anne V.

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