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Desiree D Habicht

I am a multi-media artist and designer. I help people find their creative voice while making beautiful things. I love to create art using fiber, paint, pastels, or mixed media. I am also the owner of Desiree's Designs were we design fabric, patterns, embroidery as well as teach. Its about the creative process for me. Whether I am teaching art, design, fiber art or teaching our projects from Desiree's Designs, my creative goal is to help you build a strong foundation and help your confidence and talent grow. There is nothing better than creating something special using your own ideas and talents. I can't wait to learn more about you in class. Find me at and my fine art at

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About this course

When you think of the Holidays do you start to twitch, shake and sweat? Don't worry, I think that we all do a bit. It seems that the stores start putting out the Holiday stuff so early that we start to get nervous and anxious in August now! Well I hope that with some planning and a bit of organizing you can avoid the holiday tick! 

Do you always seem to try and cram so much into the last few weeks that you are exhausted and overwhelmed most of the time? 

Is this what grabbing a bite to eat with friends looks like during the holidays?

Do you take on too much and then regret everything?  Join me so we can stop the madness!

We are all so busy, life seems to never slow down it only seems to speed up.( Someone told me that is what happens when you get old)! Between running my business, designing, painting and caregiving I have a pretty crazy life. Like you, its important for me to try and squeeze every bit out of each day but also make the time to relax and enjoy those around me. I don't want to be that crazy, bitchy women every holiday.  Do I hear an AMEN?

I still have my normal, everyday types of things, just like you, that I have to get done. I don't seem to have those cleaning and cooking fairies that come in and clean up for me during the night. To fit it all in and still love what I do without going crazy, I need to have a plan! I often am asked how I manage to get so much stuff done in the same 24 hours that we all have. I wouldn't be able to do all the things I do in my business or personal life, if I didn't have things written down and scheduled. I know what you are thinking, I can almost hear you now..

What!! A list?? A Calendar? a schedule?

Yes, and it's more than just that, it's actually writing it all down and scheduling when you are going to DO it, not when its due. So I thought I would help you get started with a game to get you excited about getting organized for the holidays. I hope when we are finished you feel more able to DO the things that feed your soul through the holidays and not just fill that time with the busyness of the season.  I don't always do it right, it doesn't mean things don't happen to try and derail you but this will help you to get a grasp on all the things you have coming up. I think you will appreciate me later in the year! 

I will be giving you some tips, some tools and some suggestions on things you can do today to help you overcome the Holiday CRAZIES!

I hope you will schedule this hour now to help you plan for later. I want you to enjoy the holidays the way you intended. Organized, stress free and relaxed. Well I can dream right!

Join me on Oct 1st at 5:00pm PST as we take the craze out of the Holidaze. Sign up today, its as easy as signing into Ruzuku with your name and an email. No one will bother you but we will send you an email reminder! See you Oct 1!