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Karen Bonaker

Welcome! I look forward to watching you grow as a digital artist, and I want you to know that as an instructor, I am committed to your artistic growth. You will find I am only an email away, and I strive to respond to all emails within twenty-four hours, I am available for any questions or problems you might encounter in class. You will never be stuck or unable to progress, and I think you will enjoy yourself. See you in class!

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About this Course


When you think of pastels, do you conjure up the quick gestural work of ballet dancers by Degas?  Perhaps you think of the work of Toulouse-Lautrec.There is a long list of well-known artists who have worked in this medium. This lesson will introduce you to some exciting ways to use Digital Pastels while working in Corel Painter 2016 or 2017!

Just at the point the sun is beginning to set, provides us with an opportunity to evaluate the basic hierarchy and values of the prismatic colors created by the sun as it sets. If you get a chance to observe a sunset see if you can match the range of colors in your painting.

The first video tutorial will cover the steps to complete this painting from scratch. Subsequent tutorials will reference a photograph. For your first painting you will not use a reference at all. The exercise is meant to help you use your own artistic license as you develop your first pastel sunset. You may follow my steps in the first video as a guide to help you understand the concepts.
For your final exercises you will use a photo reference to paint from. It is important to note that Painter avails to you and extraordinary array of brushes to use from the basic default variants to the endless possibilities of custom brushes. What is important is that you learn to convey value, texture more than anything else and often times more than not with simply one brush. By varying the size, Grain, and Resaturation one brush can fit all.

I will provide you with many brushes to use in this workshop, you may find that only a handful will suffice. Enjoy!

Course Guide: Painter Master, Elite, Karen Bonaker
Course Assistant: Debbie Kolesar

Skill Level


Software Requirements

A working copy of Corel(r) Painter™ 2016 or greater is required. Remember that you can download a 30-day trial version of the software to use for this class.

A Wacom Pen Tablet & Stylus- Using a Mouse is not the optimal tool for digital painting

A system capable of running Corel(r) Painter™ 2016 or greater


Exploring the Brushes
What are templates?
Paint a pastel sunset painting from scratch
Learn how to convey color, texture with limited brushes


Work from a  reference to develop your landscape pastel painting
Work with various brushes and discover how to use current and additional colors as you paint

Class Overview -What Will I Receive For Joining This Course?

Me! I am here for you during the entire course! Should you have any questions I am more than happy to help you on your digital journey.

Image Resource files. High quality reference images for your use in class.

Custom Brushes

Hours of high quality video which you may download or stream at any time.

Who Is This Course For?

People who love to paint with Corel Painter!

Digital Artists

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