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Since 2001, The Matrona has offered holistic education for midwives, doulas and birth attendants. We continue to do so, adding new programs as the birthing community grows and evolves. As we expand, our focus and curriculum remain centered on melding the intuitive with the academic, the mystical with the intelligent.

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About this Course

Welcome to The Matrona Holistic Midwifery Diploma Program!

The complete Program includes 10 Modules, each with four topics. Our website has the course descriptions and information about how to enroll in the Program.

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This option allows you to buy the 10 Modules, one at a time, for a total cost of $5000.
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Contents of Module 1

On entering the Program you will find a general Overview with our Sacred Contract,
 Module requirements, Mentoring information and suggestions for navigating the course.
You will also find an Overview for each topic describing the contents of the topic.
Then you can proceed to the Topics and Lessons.

Each module has four Topics of study,  each with 4 to 10 specific Lessons:

Academic Studies Lessons

General Overview of Body Systems
Clinical Terminology and Vocabulary
Biochemistry as Alchemy
*The Endocrine System: Hormones as Messengers
*Calculating the EBD and the Ensuing Controversy
Pregnancy Nomenclature
*Ode to the Pelvis: Bones, Muscles and Ligaments
*The Sacred Geometry of Pelvimetry
*The Female Reproductive System

The Practice of Holistic Midwifery Lessons

*Evolving Models of Care
Compliance through Love
*The Caregivers Spiral
The Quantum Model and Trust as a Life Path
Matrona Categories of Knowledge

Homeopathy and Healing Lessons

Complimentary Healing Modalities
Wise Woman Tradition of Healing
*The Roots of Western Medicine
*Principles and Practice in Homeopathy

Wisdomkeeping Lessons

The Power of Journaling
Quantum Connectedness
*Tapping the Glands as a Consciousness Practice
*Opening our Nadis: A Daily Self Care Practice

Topics beginning with an asterisk * have a video component accompanying the lesson.


We are happy you’ve joined us!