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Nicola Brown

I am passionate about using natural materials and local vegetation to create decorative art, interior accessories and luxurious art to wear. My current fine art textile practice revolves around the use of felt making and eco printing, a simple process where natural fabric including silk, linen, lambswool and hand made felt is wrapped with leaves, onion skins, seed pods, bark and other local hedgerow material. These bundles are tied up tightly then go through a heating process to help extract colour directly from the organic matter.

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About this Course

Over the course of a six week period Nicola shares with participants how she achieves clear, repeatable eco prints on protein based fabric (silk, wool, felt, cashmere etc.) and gives them the necessary skills to confidently do this by themselves.

From gathering the necessary tools and equipment to experimenting with different processing methods, Nicola guides students beyond the basics and encourages them to experiment for themselves. 

Exciting extras include printing on paper, a simple method for printing on cellulose fabric (linen, ramie, cotton etc.) and an introduction to printing on up-cycled clothing.

This workshop will empower the total beginner to have confidence in the process and be able to repeat their results when working by themselves. There should also be plenty of 'ah ha' moments for the more experienced eco printer too!

Please note, class size is limited to a maximum of 80 participants. Answers to frequently asked questions about how the course is delivered etc. may be found on Nicola's blog.