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Mary Bartnikowski

Award-winning photographer, author, global photography instructor, mother, surfer, world citizen, creative motivator and kundalini yoga teacher. Mary has a 25-year photography business and has led programs at Stanford University, Intel, Apple, and worldwide for international travelers and humanitarian foundations. She has explored 27 countries, on 4 continents, photographed the Dalai Lama in India, ridden elephants bareback in Nepal, lived in a Buddhist temple, boated down the Mekong River in Laos, hitchhiked in the Himalayas, surfed in Peru, motorbiked solo in Thailand and sailed thru the Andes on buses. Mary chronicles her adventures and informs people on how to travel solo, what to do, and how to enjoy wanderlust with little more than a language dictionary and a gale force of gumption. Or just the gumption. Read her blog: See her videos from around the world: Buy photos h

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About this Course

Learn how to use your camera creatively in manual mode, see luminescent light, seduce people into being photographed, and how to capture stunning portraits that will give you confidence for getting more. Heavenly vistas and hummingbirds are also covered. Work on the course at your own pace and do the experiments for each section. Have fun with this course; it's almost like being with me in another country as the photographs and guidance were created outside the USA. We will have a group phone call during the class. Bring your enthusiasm and your camera.

What people are saying who have taken this course:“It made me see in a new way” – William Steinmetz, USA

“I am so excited to experiment after what I learned today.” Maggie M, England

“I finally learned how to use my camera in manual mode.” Satya Morillas, Spain

“You are a great teacher!” Michele Darby, Australia

“I loved our time in the course.” Graham Brownley, Scotland

“It was so much fun and I learned a lot.” Virginie Gerenton, Paris, France

“Thank you for teaching me how to use my camera in a way that I could clearly understand. After completing your course I feel that I have a grasp on the aperture and shutter speed, how they work together and are used in different lighting. I now feel comfortable experimenting with the manual function which allows me to be a lot more creative with my photos. I have already taken a lot of different photos since the course and its amazing to see the different effects and clarity you can get when photos are shot manually.” Amanda Raf, Austraila

"It is a window into a new way of seeing!" Nana P, Japan

"I have new skills to use now!" Ajna A, Chile

I had so much fun and learned so many new things about photography." Karin, Denmark

“Thank you so very much, Mary, for a wonderful afternoon. Leigh and I agreed that we both learned a lot about our cameras, gained insights into improving our photos and had a grand time too. You made the session so much fun and inspired excitement in anticipation of our trip to Vietnam.” Betty, USA