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Desiree D Habicht

I am a multi-media artist and designer. I help people find their creative voice while making beautiful things. I love to create art using fiber, paint, pastels, or mixed media. I am also the owner of Desiree's Designs were we design fabric, patterns, embroidery as well as teach. Its about the creative process for me. Whether I am teaching art, design, fiber art or teaching our projects from Desiree's Designs, my creative goal is to help you build a strong foundation and help your confidence and talent grow. There is nothing better than creating something special using your own ideas and talents. I can't wait to learn more about you in class. Find me at and my fine art at

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About this course

  • Have you always wished you could draw, that you were an artist or just more creative?

  • Did you think you had to be born with artistic talent?

  • Do you feel like something creative is missing in your life?? 

  • Are you afraid of appearing untalented and afraid to share your art? 

Then this is the course for you!

Join me, Desiree Habicht, an award-winning artist, as I step you through the basics of drawing. Learn the secrets of drawing as we explore how an artist really sees things and then develops a drawing.

These secret tips of seeing with an Artist eye can help your art skills by leaps and bounds.

By not skipping the basics you prevent frustrations later in your artistic journey. 

  • Let me help you make the most of your time by expanding your artistic talents.

  • It is the time and practice that will help you to develop those artistic skills you desire.

  • Learn how to schedule time for you and your art.

  • Start to develop that "right" side of your brain.

So many of my students started off wanting to draw and paint but didn't know where or how to start.

We all have to start somewhere.

You will not only learn to master the basic skills but you will also gain confidence so you feel better about your work!  

Many of my students write to share with me how these tips, artistic visions and way of life has touched them. Does this sound like you?

         Are you ready to begin your new adventure into art?


My Student, Gurutej Khalsa, wrote me and said, "I remember the first workshop I took from you. I was in heaven and thought to myself, this is a woman I need to keep in my life...she knows what I want to know.  You have never let me down!  Thank you is such a small word to express the gratitude I have that the Universe helped our paths cross." Gurutej

By opening up and developing your creative, artistic eyes you open up a whole new world of possibilities. Having a creative life is not limited to drawing, it will permeate into every aspect of your life.

 You will no longer be a passive observer but instead you will gain an intimate connection with the beauty around you.

Dorothy wrote me to say "Thank You!!! It was an awesome experience. Thank you for responding to every post, that connection meant a lot to me! I feel you got me to the next level in my art!"


Dee wrote to tell me- "Before I took Desiree's class I felt my artwork was mediocre and amateuristic. I am so excited as the key word is seeing and the class taught me what is important to notice in a composition and to see. I look forward to continuing my journey with Desiree in more online classes, based on other online classes I have taken, this one would considered  would be considered EXCELLENT!

Class Starts on Valentines Day, Feb 14, 2017 so save your seat now



As you learn to see with an Artist's eye you will start to notice things that you never noticed before! As you master the basics you will be able to capture these observations onto paper! 

  •  Learn how to honor yourself and your dreams
  • Learn to really see and appreciate the things around you.
  • Start capturing your life in pictures and words.

This is not just a drawing or sketching class! I am getting you ready for bigger things in your life creatively!

I will gently guide you through the beginning stages, whether you are experienced or not. These lessons are a good place to start and to repeat for practice. I have painted and drawn for years but it is these basic principles that I still practice daily that keep my skills honed and alert. 



Did you know that Artists do actually see things differently than most people? Their eyes have developed over time to see more colors and more details because of their intimate connection with the things they draw! 

It's TRUE!

Have you wondered how some Artists can draw something without even looking at it? How can they remember the colors or values?

I am going to share those secrets with you! 

In the comfort of your own home and at your own pace you can master these techniques and start to develop that creative "right" side of your brain.

Let me lead you into the artist's world of wonder and magic.

I will encourage you to really start to see and observe things, all while journaling about it. 


About Ruzuku, the online platform-

  • This user friendly platform allows us to stay in touch throughout the entire class and even after.
  • It allows you to talk with other students that will be going through many of the same challenges and ah ha moments you will be experiencing.

Class Outline-

  • Each week I will be releasing a series of lessons that are available to you all at once. 
  • Self paced lessons to accommodate your busy schedules.
  • Each class will have a place to make comments and post your work during the week.
  • Get better aquainted on our private FB page.
  • Live calls and webinars will be recorded just incase you can't attend you will still be able to listen at your convenience.
  • You will have access to me via email if you have any questions.

This is a no fear zone, a place where other likeminded artists, like yourself, are learning to draw, learning to see, learning to honor their soul, learning to value themselves as we break through any negative mindsets around your art! 

Stop being the casual observer and start being the artist you want to be by being able to see the lines, color, depth, shadow and all the beauty that surrounds us.

In my new 6-week class these are some of the things we will be exploring;

  • Finding shapes
  • Exploring values
  • Discovering textures
  • Seeing details
  • Including light sources
  • Finding perspective
  • Seeing all the angles

We will also be talking in technical terms about;

  • Photo editing
  • Gray scale
  • Tools
  • How to claim your talent
  • Editing with an artists eye

And on a personal level, we will be digging into;

  • Changing mindsets
  • Overcoming fears
  • Scheduling Art dates
  • Learning how to embrace your talents
  • Signing your art
  • Owning your art
  • Preparing for paint
  • You will leave with a new found confidence to live your artistic life

We will also have;

  1. Scheduled live calls where we will be able to share our work
  2. Live Artistic Forum Discussions
  3. Insight Worksheets- to clearly document your new Artist's Eyes!
  4. Video demos so you can review over and over.

This is your class, designed with you in mind. I know you are busy and I know the challenges we all face to find time for ourselves, this is your time! This is your class!

My "ARTIST'S EYE" Guarrantee!!!!!  

Just so you know I believe in this program and I believe in YOU, If you find after doing the work and following the program for two weeks you aren't completely in love with this class I will refund your money. Thats right! This means there is no risk to you. You will only gain from this special offer! You will receive all the material, videos, worksheets and you will be able to see if this is the class you have been waiting for! I am confident you will love this new approach to art, this thoughtful, appreciative and loving approach to honoring our creative spirits in a way that will let them grow and be set free! 

What are you waiting for? 

Our class starts on 

Feb. 14, 2017

Save your seat today!

Join me as we explore the world of art together. This is a gift you give yourself as you capture it, journal about it, and really see it. Take the steps to really start expressing yourself artistically today. Art is more than drawing lines, it is the expression of your very soul.

This class in normally priced at $297.00 !!!

Sign up now and get an introductory price of $197.00 by signing up early! You will also receive my bonus e-book "Enrich your Journaling Experience-The Art of paying attention" !  

This special e-book is packed with information for keeping an Artists Journal, what to write about, what to draw and how it will enrich your live and make you a better artist!


Don't wait, its time to make that step to starting your new creative life and where you will find your true artistic self and embrace her.


P. S. Still have questions, I would love to hear from you! Feel free to email me at