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Tracey Shadley

I have over two decades of experience in Organizing and Closet Design. I was trained by California Closets and worked for them for 18 years before going out on my own and starting my full service Organizing company Organize A-Z. I have experience organizing everything from space (closets, garages, pantries etc) to time, paperwork, events etc. I am very excited to share my years of tricks and knowledge with you!.

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About this course


Are you a Professional Organizer?  Do you want to make more money?

Do you want to learn a new skill and stop giving away potential closet design business?

Adding closet design to your skill set will bring in a whole new revenue stream, increase your bottom line and grow your business!


Adding closet design to your skill set will bring in a whole new revenue stream, increase your bottom line and grow your business!

If you've been getting aggravated by the existing design programs, on line closet companies, and what little they offer in training, I totally get it.

Their main purpose is to sell you their product.

They don’t care if you make mistakes because it means more money in their pockets when you have to re-order pieces.

They don’t care if your client's clothing drags on the floor……but I know that as an organizer YOU DO!

Wouldn’t you like to have the skills to do the work and make the money yourself instead of having to refer projects to large closet companies or designers?  I have the solution for you!

A 5 Part M.A.G.I.C Formula for Designing the Perfect Closet

You may be thinking “that’s a lot of steps because the process is quite simple”.

Well, it is, and it isn’t.

Again, any other training you get from on line companies will be very basic.

It will not take into consideration YOUR client’s needs, wants, sizes, heights, habits etc., they will simply design plans that will work most easily for their product and profitably for them.

As a closet designer, it is your job to create a functional closet that fits the clients clothing to its maximum potential and is aesthetically pleasing. And yes, in that order.

A closet that looks pretty but doesn’t work for someone’s clothes or habits will not bring you referrals!! 

The 5 Part M.A.G.I.C formula may seem like a lot to learn and more complicated than it needs to be, but I assure you that once you acquire these skills you will be able to do them quickly and efficiently to provide the best plans and service to your clients!


The key to your Closet Designing success starts with one module to work on every week for 5 weeks.

The modules will include instructions, photos, PDF downloads and videos for you to follow on your own. 

The tools you learn will work with any type of closet system you choose to install (wire,laminate, Elfa, IKEA etc)

If you have questions at any time you can e-mail me directly through the course OR upgrade to the VIP package and get one phone call per week included.

There will be a weekly webinar to go over questions, homework and progress together as a group. These will all be recorded and uploaded into the class for your review.

And of course, you'll have complete access to other Professional Organizers in this course and in our Facebook Group. It's a great place to trade ideas, connect with other students, and get feedback on your own closet design techniques.

The result:  you will be able to design on a computer and/or by hand!

Can’t wait to get started??