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Nicola Brown

I am passionate about using natural materials and local vegetation to create decorative art, interior accessories and luxurious art to wear. My current fine art textile practice revolves around the use of felt making, eco printing and natural dyeing: I grow most of my own print and dye materials. Eco printing is a simple process where natural fabric including hand made felt, silk, linen and lambswool is wrapped with leaves, onion skins, seed pods, bark and other foraged vegetation. These bundles are tied up tightly then go through a heating process to help extract colour directly from the organic matter.

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About this course

Over the course of a six week period Nicola shares with participants how to achieve beautifully finished flat felt in the tumble dryer and gives them the necessary skills to confidently repeat this by themselves. Aiming to provide plenty of 'ah ha' moments for those with some previous felting experience, this workshop is also suitable for total beginners providing detailed step by step instructions for each new learning experience along the way.

From delicate nuno felt to larger items like wall hangings, by utilising the motion of a tumble dryer learn how to enjoy the creative process without any of the traditional hard work rubbing and rolling. By the end of this workshop participants will have felted a selection of beautifully finished scarves, wraps, cowls and/or wall hangings, table runners and yardage. They will also know how to felt using wool tops or commercial pre-felt, especially useful for those that find the laying our process physically difficult.

From gathering the necessary tools and equipment to discovering simple ways of hanging felt for exhibition, Nicola guides students beyond the basics and encourages them to experiment for themselves. 

Please note, this workshop is limited to 60 participants.