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John Martinez

John Martinez is a nationally recognized Sales and Marketing expert.

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About this course

There’s nothing worse than spending massive amounts of time, energy, and money to make your phone ring, and then not locking up the deal!

Marketing is expensive...and it's a necessity. 

But, it's USELESS if you don't convert your leads into deals!

Does this sound familiar…..

The phone rings and you freeze. You let voice mail get it. You don’t know what the seller will say or ask. You don’t know what you’re supposed to say. What if they ask a question you don’t know how to answer?


You go to your appointment, walk the property, give your offer,and finally leave without a contract….instead, all you get is a “maybe” or an“I need to think it over”.

But, you're an investor… you're tough. You can handle that.

What you can't handle though is paying too much for a property ...


That result means that your time, money, marketing, and efforts WERE ALL WASTED!

You guys probably know John Martinez…he trained the biggest and best in the residential real estate investing game.

The real estate investors he works with do 50 – 1,000 deals per year!

He’s the “Go-To-REI-Sales-Expert” for, 7 Figure Flipping Mastermind, 6 Figure Acceleration Mastermind,The Collective Genius Mastermind, REI Vault, Freedom Founders, Flip Junkie… the list goes on.

He’s trained a lot of Investors, and he’s darn good at it.

In fact, he invests in his hometown of Springfield, MO and 2 other markets. And, the super exciting things is…He’smade his training available to you...he will show you exactly what the best of the best do.

Here is who his training IS NOT FOR:

If you’re NOT walking away from deals thinking “why didn’t I get that one”, then I’d say you absolutely don’t need his training. 

If you’re NOT losing on price, you definitely  don’t need it. 

And, if you are NOT getting “maybes”, “think it overs”, or dealing with prospects that disappear and go dark then his training will do you NO GOOD.

But….If you do go through his REI SALES ACADEMY, you will:

·         Knowexactly what to expect on sales calls

·         Know whatquestions to ask prospects and why

·         Know how torespond to any type of prospect

·         Know how toask those “Dangerous Questions” that sometimes upset prospects

·         Know how toget all of your questions answered without any push back

·         Know how toquickly build rapport with prospects

·         Know how tocreate enough motivation and urgency for a seller to do a deal NOW

·         Know how touncover and use seller motivation in your favor

·         Feel calmand confident when doing a deal

·         Learn howto negotiate, and close deals

·         Eliminate"Maybes" and "Think it Overs" forever

·         Get dealsat the price you need them at

·         Have asystematized process for sales

·         Have the tools to turn calls into appointments, so you can turn those appointments intoDEALS!

Here’s what some of the investors he’s worked with had to say:

“Hey John. I know you know your stuff works but wanted to share anyways. I just used this template on a seller who dropped off the face of the a response back in 2 minutes. Lol! Hardest part.....coming up with the ice breaker for point 1)! Love your work, the REI training & materials are just awesome." - Dom 


"Great session today with John Martinez!  If you are notusing John you NEED to be!  Next level stuff for sure!" - JustinWilliams


"Get in touch with John Martinez. We trained with him and itsgreat stuff that’s based on science and systematic methodology. It’s been greatfor our acquisitions guys." - Jeremy Fish


"John Martinez is that guy. You train them [your salespeople]on the product, contracts, and other procedures. John will show them how tosell like a pro." - Gabriel Garcia


"The training has been wonderful and exceeded ourexpectations.  We reaped a lot out of it and have recommended you toseveral people already. I appreciate everything and look forward to doing morewith you."  - Jeremy Fish


"John, the training has been huge.  I love salesstrategy and negotiation too brother—it’s like a drug and highly addictive ;-)"-  Jeremy Fish


"I think I've endorsed John Martinez on here before, but just wanted to again. He added a TON of value to our sales team as our coach. We arenow holding our sales reps accountable to a systemized sales process that we can track and improve upon. Furthermore, I know of several specific deals welocked up that we otherwise would have lost, by using negotiation tactics that he taught us (like "going for the no"). That's tangible money gainedright there. Much more than it cost to hire him. If you're considering hiring a sales coach, look no further!

If you're on the fence, consider how much money you spend onmarketing each month to generate new leads. If you trim off a fraction of thatmoney and apply it to CONVERTING those leads at a higher rate, you end up withmore bang for your buck overall." - Brian Elwood


"John I just have to say the tactic you taught last week about using empathy to sell works so well it should be illegal.  My brandnew salespeople are getting responses from people that have ignored calls and texts for months!  Just wanted to thank you for the awesometraining.  It's making a big difference in my business." - Darren Smith


"John, I want to thank you for your, experience, andknowledge in the important area of sales. I have found your sessions bothinteresting as well executable. In fact, I had a call immediately after lastweek’s call with a seller. I used the techniques you have trained us on to agood outcome. I am now a major set forward in acquiring his property in a verywin-win manner." - Mark


"I wanted to chime in and give my feedback on the course after several weeks into it. John's material has been very beneficial to our sales guys. We have our acquisition guys, our disposition employee, as well as our business development managers for our management company. They have all benefited greatly from the weekly trainings as what he teaches relates to all sales and applicable to all types of sales positions. Our newest employees with less sales experience have benefited the most. We started around a month a go with John and we are having our largest acquisition month at 16 deals so far for this month." - Shawn Wolfswinkel


"John is the real deal. Been super impressed with the contenthe provides and the way he delivers it. I'd highly recommend him tofolks." - Tom Parmentier


"John Martinez has some good stuff in his sales conversionclass. My team just started it 3 weeks ago and is loving it-you all shouldcheck it out (if he has room)." - Joseph Taylor

For just $4,500 bucks, (just a fraction of the profit on a single deal) you can become an REI Sales Pro…you’ll get the EXACT SAME training the top investors in the country have paid up to $20,000 for! But, that’s if you signup directly through John’s group. 

PLUS, he is going to not only give the 12 week LIVE version, but you’ll also get the On-Demand version so you’ll have immediate access to all material before the next LIVE training kicks off. 

·         You’ll learn what to say, how to say it, and you’ll be able to actually turn your marketing dollars into real deals.

·         You’ll feel calm and confident. You’ll feel prepared. You’ll be an REI Sales Pro!

John also personally guarantees that if you make a diligent effort to use just a few of the techniques in his course, you'lleasily talk to prospects and turn those phone calls into next steps, and those next steps into deals. If you don't, he'll refund the entire cost of the courseto you.

Actually, you get double protection. Here's how. At any time during the first 60 days, if you sincerely feel he fell short in anyway on delivering everything he promised, he'll be happy to give you a complete refund. Even if it's on the last day of the 60th day!

This offer is only good for a LIMITED TIME ONLY. When it’s gone, it’s gone. Game over. This is not a slick marketing trick to causefear of loss or to create urgency. He only offers this course 4 times per year and there is limited seating in each class.

So go ahead and SIGN UP NOW.

Don’t flush your marketing dollars down the toilet. Don’t lose deals just because you’re not exactly sure how to speak to seller leads. That would be more than silly….it would be ridiculous!

This program was built to specifically address the following REI Sales challenges:

·         InadequateSales Volume

·         The SellingCycle Being Too Long

·         MarginsBeing Too Low

·         Doing Too Much "Unpaid Consulting"

·         Too ManyProspects Shopping Your Offer Around

·         FeelingForced to Increase Your Offer (Cut Margins) to Win a Deal

·         Closing Deals - Overcoming "Maybes" & "Think It Overs"

·         YourAbility to Weed Out Non-Buyers/Sellers Early

·         Time BeingWasted Chasing Prospects Who Go Dark/Disappear

·         High CostPer Sale

·         TroubleNegotiating/Re-Negotiating

You will be able to take some REI Sales golden nuggets from EVERY lesson that you will be able to implement immediately, resulting in higher closing ratios and increased profit margins. By the end of the REI Sales Academy training, you will have a systematic formula for sales. 

There are 12 core lessons in the academy. Each lesson will be followed up with by a LIVE webinar. On these LIVE interactive webinars, we will discuss these concepts at a deeper level with yourself and some of the most successful real estate investors in the country today. We will discuss the actual application of these concepts in the REI world and I field questions from the investors as well.

The 12 Core REI Sales Lessons

Lesson #1 Welcome to REI Sales Academy!

How to Get the Most out of ThisTraining

Lesson #2 Setting Up Every Conversation forSuccess

Advance Agreements

Lesson #3 How to Drive Motivation & Urgency

Diagnosing an Opportunity I

Lesson #4 How to Drive Motivation & Urgency(Continued)

Diagnosing an Opportunity II

Lesson #5 Do You Hear What I Hear?

Advanced Listening &Questioning Techniques

 Lesson #6 Dealing with Hesitant,Reluctant, and Hostile prospects

Overcoming Resistance

Lesson #7 Deal Killers

Discussing the Investment

Lesson #8 Deal Killers (Continued)

Uncovering the Decision Process

Lesson #9 Sealing the Deal

Closing the Deal and Confirming theSale

Lesson #10 Reverse Bullying (What the Heck Is That?)

The Psychology of Empathy (OK/Not OK)

Lesson #11 Advanced Tactics for the SuperSalesperson

Assumptive Questions

Lesson #12 Loose Ends

Wrap up, Negotiating, Body Language

REI Phone Pros Call Reviews

Twice per month, with John, you will review actual phone conversations submitted by trainees. He'll coach along the way as you listen to inbound postcard/yellow letter leads, PPC leads, outbound cold calls, follow up calls, and other types of calls as well. You will hear Virtual assistants,seasoned acquisition/disposition agents, new callers, and everything in between.


Contact John any time you like. Hit him up on Voxer any time you have a question or run into a sales scenario you need a little help with. You can download the Voxer application to your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smart phone (most people use it on their smart phone). Your voice or text messages will be sent directly to your sales coach and he will reply as soon as he can.