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Faith Evans-Sills

Hi I'm Faith, painter, dreamer and creative guide. In my work I draw inspiration from nature’s wild and small moments, with my heart in Abstraction. I'm classically trained with both a BFA and MFA in painting, along with 20+ years of personal painting experience. Inspiring women to manifest their most heartfelt ideas through creating art is one of my passions! My first book, "Painting the Sacred Within" co-authored with artist Mati McDonough, is a guide for women, to go deeply inside themselves finding their own creative voice. My Painting the Sacred Within Classes are co-taught with Mati! I teach here online, across the US and internationally at art retreats in Morocco, Costa Rica and Mexico. My paintings have been exhibited widely and included in numerous publications. I live with my husband Frank and our 3 children by the sea in Charleston, SC. Learn more about all the ways to paint with me at

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About this Course


As an artist I use Mandala making often within my painting practice as a creative and meditative tool, to access my deepest self and to fuel the creative fire that lies within me. In this self paced e-course I will lead you on an artistic journey, through the three layer process that I use to create my layered Mandala paintings. I call them Mandalas, following the ancient tradition of using concentric circular patterns as a method of orientation, a spiritual practice and a connection to the cosmic harmonies of the universe. Creating them simply brings me into a calm state of mind that is open to creation.

In this workshop I’ll give you all of the tips and tricks you’ll need to create your own layered Mandala paintings, we’ll add delicious textural layers and personal flair as you introduce all of these techniques into your studio practice.