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Dr. Jaclyn Chasse, ND

Dr. Chasse is a lover of all things naturopathic, and has a desire to help every couple make a happy, healthy baby! She is an avid urban homesteader and loves to spend downtime with her fiancee and their family.

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About this course

This comprehensive, self-serve course provides practitioners with a deep look at environmental toxins and their impact on male and female fertility.  While this topic can become very "intellectual" and less clinical, we bring it into the impact that toxic exposures are having on your patients.  The course is broken down into 3 sessions, released each week for 3 consecutive weeks.  CEUs are available at the completion of the course material.

Week 1: Environmental Medicine and Infertility:  

This week will provide a comprehensive overview of toxic exposure and its impact on fertility.   A 90-minute presentation will review the most common and most concerning toxins that affect human reproduction, how to identify and screen patients who may be at risk for environmental impacts on their fertility, and how to safely run a preconception detox program for patients.

Week 2: Epigenetic Impact on Fertility and Human Health

While toxins have a directly harmful effect on egg and sperm (and growing fetus), the impacts stretch far beyond that direct effect through epigenetic impacts.  Epigenetics describes imprinting to the genome which determines how the genome is read.  Like genetic changes, epigenetics are heritable across generations but unlike genetics, they can change very rapidly based upon what is in the environment.  This week, we will discuss epigenetics and how exposures during three key developmental periods (including preconception and the prenatal periods) influence the health of the child.

Week 3: The Perfect Fertility Detox

Now that attendees have laid the foundation for understanding the how's and why's of environmental impact on fertility, our final week will walk through how to counsel patients through a preconception/fertility detox program.  We'll discuss safety, lifestyle and dietary factors, as well as supplementation options to ensure your patients are as clean as possible before they conceive.

At the end of this course, attendees will feel confident that they can properly screen patients who need a workup for toxicity and can implement a plan to correct the underlying issue affecting their fertility.  Don't miss it!