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About this course

Mastering Twinks II - Twinkling Expressions, is the next class in the Mastering Twinks series.  This class takes your twinkling journey to whole new level and is the perfect 'next step' in mastering your Twinkling H2O's.  

Twinkling H2O's are affected by the platform on which they rest, and can change their personality on different colors and textures of paper.  In this beautiful 5 lesson class we discover how to get the most from Twinkling H2O's on different surfaces.

Twinks are spectacular on white surfaces, but Twinks on dark or black surfaces are something to behold. We will explore a range of surface tchniques that will make your work glow with its own unique light source.

Twinkling Expressions will also help your ramp up your skill and technique with drawing and shading.  In this class we explore ways to  help you creat a three dimensional look to your work.  Shading and tone is simple, yet highly effective technique and we'll look at a whole range of mediums to enable you to create a wide range of shadow effects.

We will also explore specatular texture with Twinks, as well as some amazing background techniques. The class is once again filled with sketching and drawing lessons, hands on exercises, step-by-step projects, inspiration, and loads of video and PDF downloads.

Mastering Twinks II - Twinkling Expressionsbe begins February 20th, 2014 and early bird registrations is open now.  Places are strictly  limited and early bird registration is only available to allumni of Twinkling Discoveries.

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I hope you'll join me for the next stage in your twinkling journey.  xx