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Catherine Anderson

Author of "The Creative Photographer", SoulCollageĀ® Facilitator and Trainer, seeker and student of life.

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About this course


Seeing with Quiet Eyes: Photography as Meditative Practice is a self-paced workshop based on Catherine’s week-long in-person workshop that guides you to use your camera and the practice of photography as a way to become more present to and aware of the beauty around you.

We will focus on six main areas:

  • Focus 1: Awareness: Being, Breath and Body
  • Focus 2: Beginner's Mind: An Attitude of Wonder
  • Focus 3: Being Present: Seeing with your Senses
  • Focus 4: Impermanence: The Wabi-Sabi of Life
  • Focus 5: Fusing Seeing and Feeling: Haiku Photography
  • Focus 6: Mindfulness: The Zen of Daily Practice

You'll learn:

  • Techniques to bring mindfulness and awareness into your practice of photography
  • Ways to more fully express yourself, your senses and your feelings in the images you make
  • Focused Play Exercises which will give you practical ways to build your image-making skills while having fun with your camera
  • Reflective pausing with Meditative Moments

You’ll walk away with:

  • inspiration to motivate your photography practice for years to come
  • a creative and mindful way to live in the world with more awareness
  • a collection of photographs you have created that have meaning and depth
  • a new way of seeing the world around you
  • a 25 page "Meditative Moments" downloadable e-book
  • encouragement to create your own "Meditative Moments" book to share

For more information about your guide, Catherine Anderson, visit her website Catherine Anderson Studio