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Kim Smith MS, RDN

I am also a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RD/RDN) with 20 years of experience. The nutrition counseling & tools I offer are based on what I have learned while earning a B.S. in Nutrition and Dietetics from OSU, & M.S. degree in Nutrition from UC Davis, well-respected, accredited universities. I value acceptance & help my clients without being judgy. I love nutrition science. It's fascinating and practical & it has the power to prevent disease and help the body heal itself. I teach college classes, weekly health education classes, create online courses for the public, and work with people one on one. I have helped thousands of people achieve better health using real, whole food nutrition...plant based for those who are ready. I work with individuals who are ready to lose weight, improve blood sugar, cope with digestive problems, discover food intolerances, manage PCOS, prevent & recover from cancer, and more.

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About this Course

Live free from the painful long term consequences of insulin resistance, prediabetes and type 2 diabetes.  Get on track to your best health with all of the knowledge and guidance you need.  

Stop the trial and error process of reading every diet book published.  Stop wasting your precious money, time and energy & get on the right kind of eating plan for your best success now!  Get help learning why eating more plants, more whole foods is the best choice and get guidance in making it happen in your busy life.

This course will help you understand exactly what to eat and why...what type of exercise to do...and more.  It will also give you the guidance, support and accountability you need to get results.

For less than the cost of managing diabetes for 1 week,  get 4 modules/weeks of 

  • top notch, up-to-date knowledge
  • practical guidance on exactly what to eat (taking your preferences into account)
  • meal planning templates
  • done for you meal plans and recipes
  • time and money saving tips 
  • proven strategies for losing weight and keeping it off
  • support from a Registered Dietitian & the group
  • live Q & A (with recording available after)
  • your own personalized plan for insulin resistance reversal
  • PLUS:  you can continue to access the materials after the 4 week course is over!

I know you can do this!  Insulin resistance is a complex endocrine process & most people need guidance and accountability to address & fix the root cause. Knowing what to do is just the first step.  Consistently doing it and making it part of your regular lifestyle is where most people get stuck.  This course will give you support and accoutability to get started and keep it up.

I can help you stop wasting time wading through the endless amount of diet advice out there and cut straight to what works - for now and for your long term health and success.  I have PCOS (a condition of insulin resistance).  I had gestational diabetes.  Twice.  I've taken the medications.  I've checked the blood sugar multiple times each day.  And, I now have normal labs, low cholesterol, and minimal symptoms!

I have a Bachelor's and Master's of Science Degree in Nutrition.  I've also managed clinical diabetes research, read thousands of scientific papers on blood sugar, insulin, diabetes, obesity, PCOS, insulin resistance, prediabetes and nutrition.  I've helped thousands of individuals feel better, lose weight, improve their blood work results and return to health.  Come on board and let's get to work!

There are many health coaches, trainers and other people who offer weight loss programs, detoxes and more.  But, if you have a more complex biochemistry and metabolism (as with prediabetes, diabetes. PCOS ,IR), working with a more advanced practitioner who understands these complexities and has a great deal of experience is truly advantageous.   

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