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Give yourself the gift of simplicity, wonder and presence this December by slowing down, loving and using what you have and creating celebrations that belong to you.

Your Guide

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Lisa Boisvert Mackenzie

Heart and hearth tending, homemaking, homeschooling mom, early childhood educator, former midwife, parenting group leader, striving to protect the wonder of childhood and savor daily life through slow and simple living. I offer Celebrate the Rhythm of Life year round program to support parents, teachers and care givers to bring rhythm and a conscious and creative awareness to being with children, with a focused monthly topic and plenty of daily, weekly and seasonal enthusiastic support. We focus on simple living, tending the hearth and hearts with home cooking, handmade, beauty and artistry in everyday life through simplicity. I edit The Wonder of Childhood online monthly magazine and am on sabbatical from tending The Children's Garden, a nursery program for young children and their families. Certified Simplicity Parenting Group Leader. I serve on the Board of Directors of LifeWays North America and WECAN's Birth to 3 Task Force.

About this Course

Let the month of December feel like a great exhale. A time of slow anticipation and turning inward. A time of focusing on what matters most to you.