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Laura Wilkinson CLC, CHt.

Laura Wilkinson CLC, CHt. is a Mind-Body Practitioner and Life Transformation Coach. Helping people with life balance, stress management, and healing through self-awareness, so that they can align themselves to create a life they love. Laura guides people through the process of transformation, teaching them how to implement life changes to make them permanent.

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About this Course

You CAN do this!

Quitting smoking shouldn't trigger more stress. Laura Wilkinson CLC, CHt. can help you quit smoking with ease as you go through a process that holds space for you to create new routines that support a healthier lifestyle. Reinforcing a desire to quit smoking should include building on self-esteem and releasing any blocks that have prevented a successful outcome in the past. 

This Smoking Cessation Program is customized to include 4 recorded hypnotherapy sessions

This program includes: 

  • 2 sessions specifically to address smoking cessation.
  • 1 session to remove/release blocks to success.
  • 1 session to build confidence.
  • 2 homework assignments
  • + A BONUS meditation to celebrate your success in being a non-smoker.

Session 1: This session uses a script which will build confidence and feed your courage, producing a positive expectation of being successful. Add anchors for success.

 Session 2: Introduce deep relaxation for smoking cessation.

 Session 3: During this session blocks/barriers will be easily released allowing you to continue to successfully become a non-smoker.

 Session 4: Session 4 focuses on smoking cessation. This meditation is different than the one from your second session, and further reinforces your desire to quitting smoking. 

*Bonus: This bonus meditation celebrates a successful outcome and encourages future successes and positive perspective.

Hypnotherapy Q & A:

Q -What is hypnosis?

      A- Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness that occurs between the waking and sleeping states. Other altered states occur daily; when driving on “autopilot”, meditation, yoga, even when watching the television.

Q- What should I expect?

      A-  Expect to be successful and be open to whatever shows up. People who are optimistic about allowing the process get the most benefit from hypnotherapy.

Q- What if I get stuck in hypnosis?

       A- You are always in control and can wake from hypnosis at your own will. Some people are happy to stay in the relaxed state of hypnosis and aren't as eager to return to conscious reality. 

 Q- Will I remember what happened during hypnosis?

      A- It is possible that you do not remember everything during your session. Some people go into a hypno-sleep because of the level of relaxation that is reached. Your subconscious mind will take in any information that it is in agreement with, whether or not your conscious mind can recall it.


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Statistics and Resources for Hypnotherapy Smoking Cessation

        Hypnosis clients are twice as likely to remain smoke-free after 2 years, than those who have tried to quit on their own. An article in the Journal of Nursing Scholarship (2005; 37:3, pages 245-250), have shown that there is a 90.6% success rate for smoking cessation using hypnotherapy. It has been shown in the results of more than 600 studies, including 72,000 people from America and Europe that on average hypnotherapy is over 3 times as effective as any nicotine replacement methods such as e-cigarettes, nicotine gum, and nicotine patches. Hypnosis for smoking cessation is over 15 times as effective as trying to quit smoking alone.  

(University of Iowa, Journal of Applied Psychology, How One in Five Give Up Smoking. October 1992.).

        Group hypnosis for smoking cessation showed a success rate of 22% less than that of individual hypnosis sessions, however, group hypnosis was still demonstrated as being more effective than drug interventions. (Ohio State University, College of Nursing, Columbus, OH 43210, USA Descriptive outcomes of the American Lung Association of Ohio hypnotherapy smoking cessation program. Ahijevych K, Yerardi R, Nedilsky N.)

Additional resources to help you quit smoking:  - A Smartphone App to help monitor your progress towards quitting.  -The American Lung Association

Resource info:

The Wilkinson Effect Legal Disclaimer: 

State Senate Bill SB577

California laws state that hypnotherapy is alternative or complementary to healing arts services licensed by the state. I, Laura Wilkinson am not a licensed physician. These services I provide are not licensed by the state of California. This program is designed to support the desire to quit smoking. Any medical concerns with quitting smoking should be discussed with your licensed medical provider. Should you have medical concerns it is your sole responsibility to discuss them prior to your enrollment in The Wilkinson Effect Smoking Cessation Program. Upon enrolling in this program you are acknowledging that you have both read and are agreeing to The Wilkinson Effect terms and conditions. Read about the privacy policy here.