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About this Course

The Akashic Reboot is the powerful new modality which I have brought through, which clears ALL that no longer serves your highest and best good in this lifetime.

In a nutshell it clears blocks on/to ALL of the following:

-Self Worth
-Your psychic gifts
-Unity Consciousness
-Your higher emotions (Happiness, Joy,Compassion, Kindness, Harmony, Peace etc)
-Your ability to be in full alignment with your higher self
-Moving forwards
-Expansion and growth
-Letting go

and a WHOLE lot more. Everything that I have done for myself (as the ultimate guinea pig) is passed on to all those who work with me.

I can tell you right now that I am in a VERY different place energetically to where i was  when Michael and I recommenced working on this after a long break (I started bringing through all of this and then had a long pause. This was as it was planned this way I have been informed)

It is time for all of us to let go of the false self. This work is here to do just that. It is all you will ever need to clear and stay clear, as you will be provided with the recording of the session and you can use it again whenever you have further blocks that no longer serve you (remember that blocks are only lessons that you have not yet learned. These take the form of programs, energies, contracts, oaths, vows, commitments and more. The whole lot is dealt with by this)

Are you ready to let go of your karma and move into BEING your higher self and all you can be? The time is now.