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Erich Hunter Ph.D.

Dr. Hunter has studied and practiced many spiritual/energy healing modalities. Eventually, he discovered pendulum healing and found that using the pendulum was a much more effective and fun way for him to carry out his healing work. Over time he has developed his own methods and theoretical foundation for pendulum healing, and now he teaches others his innovative methods and approach.

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About this Course

If you want to go in a new direction or you want to see your life shift in positive ways then this course is for you. 

In this course you will:

  1. Learn a powerful protocol for clarifying what you want and then making it happen.
  2. Energetically support the shift while removing unseen blocks to change.
  3. Turn words and ideas into action to see your life improve and go in positive directions.

Every day is a new opportunity to start living the life you want. 

Use the power of the pendulum to support you in becoming the person you always wanted to be.

Will you join us to make the shift today?