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Jean L. Eaton

Jean L. Eaton, Your Practical Privacy Coach and Practice Management Mentor with Information Managers Ltd. Jean helps primary care practice managers and health care providers properly manage the risk of a privacy breach, stay out of jail, avoid fines AND keep an efficient practice! Jean is constructively obsessive about privacy. She helps independent healthcare practices and businesses with practice administration, privacy awareness, privacy breach management, and legislated regulation compliance in Canada.

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About this course

Do you want to enjoy the benefits of the internet without the fear of identity theft and privacy breaches?

    Is this you?    

Paul clicked on a link in an email that encrypted all his data on his computer and now he has to pay a ransom to get the data back.

Mary used her work email address to register for the course, “Ready to leave your job?” Now her boss thinks that she is looking for a new job.

Alice received a phone call from her bank saying that her account has been used by someone else.

Bob's Instagram account has a lot of nasty pictures that he didn't post.

They each use the internet for their personal lives and as an employee. You need to know the best practices on the internet and how to protect your personal information. It's easy once you know how!

The Data Privacy Day E-Course is a fun, FREE educational opportunity on privacy and security that you can use at home or at work. Enjoy the benefits of the internet without the fear of identity theft and privacy breaches when you use these practical tips, tools, and resources.

This free course is ideal for families, businesses, employees, healthcare practices, privacy officers or clubs.

The Data Privacy Day E-Course starts January 23 and will run to January 31.

The Data Privacy Day E-course  includes easy to access on-line multi-media resources delivered each day. You will have access to all of the resources for one year on the website. 

BONUS - access to discussion group with other participants to share your tips.

The course includes:

  • Posters 
  • Short articles with practical information
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Links to additional free resources
  • Certificate of completion
  • Live Webinar ‘Protect Your Privacy’

Join the live webinar to discover the 3 simple practical steps every club needs to improve your club's procedures and prevent complaints, fines, and even jail time!

Practical tips that you can use right away to protect your privacy! with Jean L. Eaton, Your Practical Privacy Coach!

30 Minute Live Webinar followed by Q&A

Saturday, January 2810 am MST

This webinar is a special presentation in the Data Privacy Day E-Course. Your FREE webinar registration also includes access to the FREE Data Privacy Day E-course.

The Data Privacy Day E-Course includes practical tips on:

  • Why Privacy Matters
  • Computer Cookies 
  • Identity Theft
  • Smartphone Privacy
  • Email Phishing
  • Passwords
  • Online Presence
  • Secure Email
  • Are They Watching You?

At the end of the e-course, you will receive a printable poster, bragging rights, and resources that you can share!

Successful participants might also find that this qualifies for CPE credits, too!

Registration is now open!  Register now and then go check your email for the confirmation. You must confirm your registration to access the course.

Reserve your seat and improve your privacy and security right away  with one free email a day with on-line privacy tips. 

The course is free – there is no risk to you and you will see that the Data Privacy Challenge is the perfect way to make small changes easily that can improve your privacy and security of your information right away!

Register right away while this is fresh in your mind! You won’t want to miss a single one!

Privacy Education program that is actually fun and . . . practical!

Celebrate Data Privacy Day with Information Managers!

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