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Dr Niikee

Dr Niikee is a holistic health specialist and university academic with over 20 years experience in many natural health and wellbeing modalities, as well as mainstream clinical research. She also has over 10 years of teaching and course design, to bring you educational tools for optimal vitality and wellness. Niikee is an intuitive guide, on a mission to assist humanity in raising its vibration, so we can all live happy and free :) Full details can be found at -

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About this Course

Hello :)

I'm just going to share a brief summary of my 'Optimising Nutrition' Education Series with you.....

This is NOT some fad diet!!! The sessions are designed to be educational to help you to understand how different diet components are either beneficial or not. So we will discuss not just what is good or bad but also the effects these have on the body. This will allow you to be able to much more easily make healthy choices easier choices. I will also be on hand to assist with questions for entire time you are enrolled in the course :)

Once you enroll into the series, you will have access to the entire course for the period of 1 year to give you enough time to make your way through all of the resources. Many of the resources are downloadable too so you will be able to keep them forever! 

The series is make up of 7 sessions, with each of these containing a number of useful resources including recorded lectures, articles and handy hints. 

Session topics –

  • What causes chronic disease, basic dietary guidelines, portion distortion, whole versus processed foods, creating effective change
  • Carbohydrates and fibre – Not all sugars are created equal, probiotics and gut health
  • Fat’s – Good fats and bad fats, the myths and realities of heart disease
  • Protein – Quality and the essentials, debunking popular diet fads and other crazy influences
  • Anti-nutrients and chemicals - their effects on energy production and other body systems
  • Micronutrients – vitamins and minerals are all essential and the importance of balance
  • Activity and relaxation - mind body medicine

Please feel free to ask any questions about the course!

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