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Bob Baker

Author, teacher, musician dedicated to showing indie artists how to get exposure, connect with fans, sell more music, and increase their incomes.

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About this Course

Learn Guerrilla Music Marketing with Bob Baker's New e-Course

If you missed Module 1 of my recent Guerrilla Music Marketing Master Class series — or if you took it and know someone else who could benefit — there's now a more affordable way to get these powerful training materials ...

Introducing the new ...

Guerrilla Music Marketing - Module 1: Laying the Foundation for Independent Music Success

Based on Section 1 of the highly acclaimed Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook, this self-guided course is hosted here on the amazing Ruzuku learning platform.

I'm so psyched about this course, I'm offering the next 10 people who sign up $80 off the $97 registration fee. That's a sweet deal for a 21-day, self-paced multimedia marketing course.

What can you expect? Well, a couple dozen students recently took the full four-week version of the class and raved about it:

"This class is amazing and giving me so much focus! I am getting more done now than I ever have! And I feel like I've made wonderful friends with others taking the class. What fabulous people!"
-Sunny Williams,

"Bob, you have inspired and helped empower me a ton! The best part of your 'teaching' is your beingness. You never say, 'This is THE way.' It's all unbiased, humble, open for possibilities, kind, positive, and all such great info! I'm using this class for marketing, but it's really perfect for anything. It's a life success class to me. I love it. Thank you so much!" -Jared Cattoor


Now you can take a more affordable, self-guided version ...

Here's what you get with the Guerrilla Music Marketing eCourse - Module 1:

  • Introduction — Here I give you an overview of my philosophy and background, along with a long list of independent artist success stories to prove that these principles work. This segment prepares your mind for the four lessons to come.

  • Lesson 1 — Three Simple Steps to Effective Music Marketing — Everyone thinks marketing and sales are confusing and complicated. They really aren't. This lesson makes it easy to wrap your brain around. Get this and you'll never be confused again.

  • Lesson 2 — The Power of Goal Setting: A Foolproof Plan for Reaching Your Music Aspirations Faster — Tired of wandering aimlessly through your music career? Stop going with the flow and start taking control with this simple goal-setting checklist. You have power when you know where you're going!

  • Lesson 3 — The First 5 Steps to Marketing (and Profiting From) Your Music — This is the foundation upon which all your music marketing activities should be built. If you don't understand these five basic truths, you will continue to struggle. Get the lowdown with this crucial lesson.

  • Lesson 4 — The #1 Question You Must Answer When Promoting Your Music — Get this one wrong and marketing yourself will be a slow, uphill battle. Get it right and you'll cut through the clutter and make an impact faster.

"I love this class! I'm learning so much about things I've never thought of when it comes to marketing. Taking the class was a great decision!"
-Anna Yanova,

"I'm really enjoying the class. The structure of taking three small actions every day is helping me get a lot more done than I would otherwise. It's been really helpful and motivating to hear what everyone is doing. I'm learning a lot, and I really like your perspective on things, Bob!"
-Sarah Jennings Evans,

Here are some important details about how you'll access and use the online course:

  • Lessons are delivered over a 21-day period. You'll get access to the Introduction immediately after you register. The next day you'll get Lesson 1. Every five days after that you'll get an email with a link to the next lesson. I want you to take time and really work with each lesson before moving on to the next one.

  • Your own profile, user name and password. This online course is accessible from any computer, smartphone or tablet. Upload a photo, add a brief description of who you are, and log in to the course site any time you want.

  • With each lesson you will also get enhanced worksheets I created just for this eCourse, along with simple action steps you can take every day. Doing these exercises will bring these marketing principles to life so you can apply them to your specific musical identity.

  • You get a fill-in-the-blank Marketing Priorites To-Do List form with each lesson. Every weekday I encourage you to commit to taking three simple actions of your choosing related to that week's lesson.

  • Discussion prompts within each lesson that allow you to post answers to questions and interact with me and other students taking the eCourse. In these forums you will make new music connections, get and give advice, share resources, and develop new friendships.

  • Five bonus audio coaching call recordings. Listen to the conference call recordings I made with students who took the full version of the class for additional ideas and inspiration.

  • This multimedia eCourse is self-guided. Work through the course at your own pace and log in any time you want. There's no deadline. Access to the course will not expire.

What much is it?

Well, the "Music Marketing 101" course I created for Berklee used to run $1,000 to $1,200. Many online business courses are in the $400 to $700 range.

Even the full version of this very module (complete with accountability partners and weekly conference calls) was $197 per person.

But I want this self-guided version to be affordable for independent artists on a budget and make it available to music people who simple couldn't fit the full version into their schedules.

That's why I'm keeping the fee low at only $97 USD.

But if you're one of the next 10 people to register, you'll get in for only $17.

Again, you get four power-packed lessons, extensive worksheets, daily action steps, access to discussion forms, some direct interaction with me and a small community of empowered artists, and audio recordings of five coaching calls.

That's a LOT of value for just a one-time fee of $17. And you can work through the course at your own pace and log into it any time you want. There's no deadline.

Note: This fee covers Module 1 only. Future eCourse modules (to be announced later) will have separate fees. The fee also does not include a copy of the full Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook.

Thanks so much for your interest. Again, if you want in, register for the eCourse right away using the payment button at the top of this page. You'll get the Introduction immediately, and Lesson 1 will be available tomorrow.

I look forward to helping you turbo-charge your music marketing in the weeks ahead.


P.S. Remember, this new e-course is self-guided. Even if you can't fully devote your time to it this week, the lessons will be there when you're ready. Access to the course will not expire.

Go ahead and register now at the top of this page!