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Jen Costa

Community Herbalist, Environmental Biologist, Critical Care RN, Teacher and Founder of ElderMoon School of Herbs and Earth Medicine. I live among the mountains, forests, and streams of the beautiful Hudson Valley, NY with my husband Jay of 25 yrs and 3 sons in various stages of leaving to left the nest. Website:

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About this course

Welcome Plant Lover! We meet here to sit in council and do as Herbalists do, share and talk of what ails our people and the plants as well as celebrate sharing and walking together. We, the people and the plants, help each other in the Herbalist world. If you're new to this world, thank you for taking the leap and coming anyway. Allow the language to wash over you and you'll be 'talking plant' in no time! Bring your questions, concerns and topics and we'll address in the session, plan a new session topic, or email me ahead if you know you'll be watching the recording so I can answer in the recorded time for you. We meet around the Full Moon for one hour and I'm shooting for a set time of the second Wednesday each month at 7pm EST (will be shifted with certain holidays). See you in Council xo-Jen