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Sara Wickham

Dr Sara Wickham is an author, speaker and researcher who offers a variety of creative resources for midwives, birth workers, women and families. Sara is the author/editor of seventeen books. She has lectured in more than twenty-five countries and provides consultancy services for birth and health-related organisations around the world. You can find Sara online at, @drsarawickham and at

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About this course

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The summary...

Dates: March 10-17, 2017 (with materials available for 14 days after that in case life happens and you need to catch up).

Venue: Your computer (and some of the lessons are smartphone-friendly too!)

Includes: videos, audios, discussions, loads of resources, ideas, peer sharing and support, an experienced facilitator and a live webinar.

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The details in depth...

I dream of living in a society in which women’s rights are respected, women’s bodies are cherished and women’s knowledge is valued.

But we all know that those things haven’t been a part of the dominant worldview for a while now. Our culture values technology over touch, cities over villages and risk management over heart-focused ways of being, doing and knowing. 

Even when the evidence base shows that a low-intervention, birth-trusting, midwifery model approach leads to the best outcomes for women and babies, the technocratic view predominates.

Even when clear thinking and scientific analysis demonstrates that a technocratic approach to pregnancy and birth is illogical and potentially harmful to women and babies.

I want to help you change this in your community!

I want to help you feel more confident in your knowledge and in your ability to discuss the issue of post-term pregnancy and induction of labour with women, families and colleagues.

I already do a lot of travelling and face-to-face teaching in order to try and achieve this, and I'm now offering some of my best-loved courses online as well in the hope of helping more people like you. I'm really excited about this, because you'll get all the benefit of my lectures (which have been broken down into short chunks and lovingly videoed just for this course), even more written and online resources than I can usually carry to workshops AND we'll be able to chat together online. 

In this course, I'm going to take you through the technocratic arguments which have led to women being told that their pregnancy needs to be induced at a certain point of pregnancy. I've got twenty years of experience as a midwife and I researched this area for my PhD. I'll use my practice, research and teaching experience to help you better understand the issues and to develop confidence in discussing this area with colleagues, women and families.

Who is it for?

If you are a midwife, student, birth educator, doula, doctor, health professional, yoga teacher, birth activist, holistic therapist or birth worker who is woman-centred and interested in increasing your knowledge and building your confidence in discussing these issues with myself and a group of like-minded people from around the world, then this course is for you. 

Other people are very welcome to join us too, but please be aware that this is a professional CPD course and some of the discussions are likely to be technical. The nature of our modern culture requires me to make it clear that nothing that I or any course participant says or writes in this course can be taken to constitute professional midwifery or medical advice and that by signing up to join this course you agree that you understand and accept that.

What will you find when you come in?! 

I've created a range of videos, audio chats and written resources which break down the issues into manageable, understandable chunks and have shared an entire smörgåsbord of resources which will help you better understand the evidence and feel more confident when discussing it with colleagues, women and families. The course includes a live webinar and, of course, you'll get to interact with myself and other participants in the discussion forums. 

I want you to be heartened by stories and suggestions from others, and to feel more secure in your own knowledge and experience. 

Just scroll back up and click the registration button above to join us. 

All of the course materials will be available to you from Friday March 10th, because I know that some of you have more time at the weekend. I will pop in over the weekend and then join you more fully in the discussions from Monday morning (March 13th) until Friday lunchtime (March 17th). During that time I will be available to chat, answer your questions and present a live webinar on Wednesday March 15th (9am UK time).  I know your life is busy and you might not get to everything during the facilitated week of the course, so you'll get to keep access to the materials for a further two weeks after that (until Friday March 31st) in case you need more time to catch up or go over anything. You can also download all of the written resources for personal use.

I can't wait to chat to you on the course!  Places are limited though, and course enrollment will close once we are full. 

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How much learning is in here?

This course contains 12 hours of learning, which equates to two full days of study. However, you can pick and choose the path you take through it, and you don't need to do all of it if you'd rather concentrate on particular areas. You can also download some of the reading for later if you prefer.

Do I have to do it all at once?

No; that's the beauty of an online course like this. You get a whole week of facilitated learning and you'll be able to access the materials for a further two weeks after the facilitated week of the course ends in case 'life happens' and you need to catch up. However, we recommend that you try to engage in as many of the discussions as possible during the facilitated week of the course, as this is where a lot of the interaction and the 'a-ha' moments happen!

Will I get a certificate?

Yes, you'll get a certificate for your portfolio at the end of the course. 

What have other people said about the course?

I'm so glad you asked! ;) Here are some of the comments that previous participants have sent...

Thank you Sara for putting this course together and keeping it so interactive. This is so far from e-learning it’s untrue (thank goodness!) The technical stuff all flowed straightforwardly and I felt it was quite instinctive - Midwife, UK

Loved the course - Midwife, USA

I definitely feel more confident. I actually knew most of the research and do talk about it all the time, yet so many of my clients end up having inductions for ‘post term’. You have given me a new approach and that is to model absolute confidence and therefore inspire confidence. I wasn’t sure if you would achieve the same ‘connectedness’ online that you achieve in person, but you certainly did. Thank you, it was really the best online course I have done :) - Midwife and childbirth educator, Australia

It's been really good to 'talk' with other people who feel as I do about post-term pregnancy. It provides support for going out and continuing to fight the good fight! Thank you so much Sara.  It was so good to ‘meet’ you.  Fabulous course. - Midwife, Australia

It was great! The software was very easy to use – actually surprisingly easy to use. The evidence presented really clearly and systematically. - Student midwife, UK

I really enjoyed the nature of how it was set out and that you could really work through the content at your own pace, and go back to revisit parts for clarification. I found the course really insightful - it put a lot of familiar topics and areas of concern on the table that most of us are already having conversations about and looked at them from a few different angles. I can feel a bit bamboozled by loads of statistics (I know I'm not alone here!), but you presented them in a way that made them more relatable and thus easier to digest. - Doula, Australia

I love the videos that you did. I also really liked the interactive session. I feel very positive. You got a great mix in terms of supporting a variety of learning styles. - Doula and breastfeeding supporter, UK

Thank you again Sara. You are such a clear communicator and it has been amazing to receive the benefit of your knowledge and wisdom these last couple of weeks! - Midwife and lactation consultant, UK.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and am very much looking forward to participating in more! - Midwife, UK

I have been trying to work out ways to include more on-line resources in my classes.  This has given me plenty of ideas so useful on many levels! Webinar was fabulous!  Really enjoyed it! - Childbirth educator, UK.

I really appreciate your calm delivery and lack of judgement in presenting the information, and the obvious love and generosity you bring to this work. – Midwife, Australia

I really love the opportunity for hands-on, face-to-face courses and workshops... but the great positive of this on-line learning is that I was able to fit it around my other work and family commitments, and it also gives you access to training that you might not otherwise get the chance to participate in! - Doula, Australia

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I look forward to chatting with you in the course! :)