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Mariana Tirsa Kurko L.Ac

Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, maternal health advocate, multi-generational postpartum depression survivor/thriver, singer/songwriter of ethereal Americana band Runaway Horse, mama to a mighty tween boy, world traveler and humanitarian.

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About this Course

This home study course is for the breastfeeding mother who wants to take herbs for her health and wellbeing, but may be concerned about what's passed to her baby through her breastmilk. She 's wanting to make informed decisions for her health as well her baby's.  

This  self paced course compiles hours of research and consolidates it into a short slide presentation with printable quick guides. 

We've done the research for you so that you can feel empowered making holistic choices that effect you and your baby.

Intro: The Mother Baby Bond

Main lesson: Herbs & Breastfeeding Safety 18:00 min video

Bonus Lesson: Herbal Medicine 101 How to Pick Forms of Herbal Remedies


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