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maureen cooper

Maureen is the founding director of Awareness in Action, an organization dedicated supporting people to make sustainable wellbeing part of their lives—through developing clarity, connection and openness. Drawing on more than thirty years of experience as a professional educator, senior manager in a non-profit organization, an entrepreneur and as an experienced practitioner of Buddhist meditation, she leads Awareness in Action workshops and training programs in the UK and Europe. Her first book, The Compassionate Mind Guide to Reducing Stress is a groundbreaking effort that brings together the best of modern science and the wisdom of the world’s ancient contemplative traditions into a practical manual for thriving in today’s fast-paced world. Although born in London, UK love took Maureen to Amsterdam, The Netherlands where she lives with her husband.

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About this Course

Are you keen to get started with meditation but wanting a bit of support and advice? Or have you been meditating for a while, and finding it a bit harder than you thought? We live such busy lives that it can be hard to find the time for meditation, even when we want to. Meditation itself is easy but our lives are often complicated and pull us away from meditation.

This course is designed to help people new to meditation, as well struggling meditators. Over 7 simple steps we will look at all the things we need to know in order to set up a stable, reliable meditation practice. Each step has a goal—something we want to achieve—as well as inspiration, action and an outcomes that helps to build our meditation habit.

The course is practical, and looks at meditation as part of life. There are lots of ideas as to how work with meditation throughout the day. Recent research into the effects of meditation on the brain is included as a way of building confidence in what meditation can bring to us.

If they wish, participants can also join the special Facebook Group created for this course—where they can share experiences with their course-friends.