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Bob Baker

Author, teacher, musician dedicated to showing indie artists how to get exposure, connect with fans, sell more music, and increase their incomes.

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About this Course

How to Make Money as a DIY Musician: 4 Steps to Converting Fan Attention Into Sales

Why do some musicians sell a lot and get big crowds at their shows, while most do-it-yourself artists struggle to get noticed?

Take this online course and you'll end up with a four-point plan to not only get attention, but to turn that attention into fan support and sales.

In these fast-paced sessions (recording live in Salt Lake City) Guerrilla Music Marketing author Bob Baker reveals dozens of real-life examples and checklists you can put into practice right away to help you connect with fans and earn more money.

Transform your music career with these powerful ideas — many of them inspired by interviews Bob did with Karmin, Pomplamoose, David Nevue and Mark Mohr, as well as experts like Tony van Veen, Joe Vitale, Michael Brandvold, and Jason Van Orden.

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"I attended Bob's workshop in Nashville and came away feeling better than ever about the real possibilities of building a money-making career without being signed to a major label."
-Judy Rodman, singer/ songwriter, producer and vocal instructor

"Bob Baker is a natural. When he gives a presentation he makes it look completely effortless. He's funny, accessible, and always informative. I learn something new every time I hear Bob speak, because he never gives the same talk twice." -Bobbi Linkemer, author of How to Write a Nonfiction Book

Here's what you get with the How to Make Money as a DIY Musician eCourse:

  • Step 1 — Exposure Lessons from Karmin, Pomplamoose & More. Bob shares some of the most potent ways to attract fans, especially if you're unknown.

  • Step 2 — The Best (and Worst) Ways to Engage with Fans. Communicate with your fans in a way that will endear them and grow your tribe of supporters. This steps reveals the right and wrong ways to do it.

  • Step 3 — The Secret to Building a Large and Loyal Fan Base. The key to a long-term music career is to nurture and maintain your fan base over time. Here are the best ways to do that.

  • Step 4 — Asking for the Sale and Making Money! How to convert your relationships with fans into positive cash flow. In this step Bob reveals the art and craft of asking for the sale.

Important details about how you'll access and use the online course:

  • Lessons are delivered over a 17-day period. You'll get access to the Introduction immediately after you register. The next day you'll get Step 1. Every three days after that you'll get an email with a link to the next lesson. I want you to take time and really work with each lesson before moving on to the next one.

  • Your own profile, user name and password. This online course is accessible from any computer, smartphone or tablet. Upload a photo, add a brief description of who you are, and log in to the course site any time you want.

  • With each lesson you will also get detailed worksheets I created just for this eCourse. Doing these exercises will bring these marketing principles to life so you can apply them to your specific musical identity.

  • Discussion prompts within each lesson that allow you to post answers to questions and interact with me and other students taking the eCourse. In these forums you will make new music connections, get and give advice, share resources, and develop new friendships.

  • Each step comes with a live workshop video you can watch, an audio recording of the workshop, and PDF file worksheets. All three formats can be seen and heard on the course site or downloaded and consumed on the device of your choice.

  • This multimedia eCourse is self-guided. Work through the course at your own pace and log in any time you want. There's no deadline. Access to the course will not expire.

Sign up for this online course today (using the payment button at the top left of this page) and save $30 off the regular $47 registration fee for a limited time!