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Erich Hunter Ph.D.-

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About this course

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Relationship is at the heart of being human.

Whether good, or bad, happy or unhappy, healthy or unhealthy our relationships shape and define our lives while making up a large part of our life experience.

This course teaches you how to use pendulum healing to restore, revitalize,and enhance relationships between self and others.

Given how important relationships are, this work is a vital part of the healing process and can add tremendous value to your life and the lives ofthose you relate with.

Course Topics Include:

Pendulum Healing Techniques & Protocols

  •     Sending specific energies to stimulate healing responses in relationships.
  •     Neutralizing negative emotions, thoughts and memories between yourself and others so that you can have improve the likelihood of healing.
  •     Harmonizing relationships so that you can have positive relations.
  •     Time machine healing so that you can go back and heal past traumas that are negatively impacting you today. 
  •     Emotional healing so that you can get at the root of relationship challenges. 

Background Information on Relationships

  •     Attachment types (How your parents care influenced your ability to form relationships today).
  •     "Soul" connections (e.g. Family members, friends, enemies, soul mates, twin flames, etc.) and the role they play in the evolution of your relationships).
  •     Codependency (Identifying unhealthy ways you relate to others).
  •     Self-compassion (The key to healing relationships).

Self-Healing for Relationships

  •     Pendulum healing for self-compassion (How to improve relationships with others and develop the ability to form new healthy relationships).
  •     Attachment healing (How to heal failures of parenting that you endured in the past so that you can develop healthier ways of relating to people today).

Healing Relationships with Others

   Approaches for pendulum healing for relationships with: 

  •     Family
  •     Friends
  •     Lover/Partnership/Spouse
  •     Acquaintances
  •     Enemies

What to Do When Relationships Aren't Healing

  •     Ending Relationships in ways that promote healing.
  •     How to do healing on cords between you and others.
  •     Energetic Shielding technique with the pendulum.

The course is divided up into mini lessons on each topic. You can study the material at your own pace and review sections as needed. The course is stand alone and no previous pendulum healing experience is required. The course material is easy for beginners to learn, but also engaging enough for advanced pendulum healing students.