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Dr. Jaclyn Chasse, ND

Dr. Chasse is a lover of all things naturopathic, and has a desire to help every couple make a happy, healthy baby! She is an avid urban homesteader and loves to spend downtime with her fiancee and their family.

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About this Course

Conventional fertility treatments can seem very complex, with different patients coming in on protocols consisting of several medications dosed with specific timing, dosing changes, etc.  For a clinician without much exposure and practice, this can seem overwhelming, but a good understanding of conventional protocols and what each medication does during a cycle is ESSENTIAL for integrative clinicians to understand in order to properly and safely work with a patient concurrently.

This presentation will cover the range of conventional fertility treatment options available to couples

We will start with protocols commonly used out of OBGyn offices,  including medicated cycles (with clomid/letrozole), medicated cycles plus IUI.  We will discuss Clomid and Letrozole in depth, to ensure your understanding.  The presentation will then spend time reviewing the basic concepts behind IVF and ovarian stimulation protocols.  We will discuss the handful of types of stimulation protocols used and why they are used, and then discuss the details of medication dosing, side effects, and more.

We will discuss risks of these procedures as well as how you can best interact with conventional fertility providers and patients being co-managed.

At the completion of the course, attendees will feel confident in their ability to identify the conventional protocol being used and why, as well as understand the best way to provide therapeutic support that will augment and enhance their conventional treatments.

1.5 hour course