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Susie Johnson

I am a mom to 7, wife, blogger, swim coach, runner, and triathlete with a little bit of a potty mouth who used to be fat, out-of-shape, and depressed. Not anymore! What are your goals? I'll help you achieve them!

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About this course

My name is Susie Johnson, and I am a real mom.

Dealing with real life.

Chances are, I can relate to at least one aspect of your life.  I am raising 7 kids, ranging in age from one to fifteen. I am a stepmom. I have been divorced. About 10 years ago I was diagnosed with major depression. I used to smoke. I've done drugs. I've used food to self-medicate. 

I understand the stresses of life.


I gained about 70 pounds with my first pregnancy and was never able to take it off. I used all the excuses. Not enough time. Not enough money. Tomorrow. I'll start tomorrow.

Tomorrow never came.

Until January 2013, when I finally got sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I started documenting my weight loss journey on my humor blog, 

In 16 weeks, 

I have gone from this:                                                     to this:


and this:                                                                to this:


My journey has been really popular.

I have been told that I have inspired many, many people.

And I really, really like that.

So, I've turned my experience into an e-course.

Here is what this 8 week course will offer you:

  • accountability
  • motivation
  • a community of people who share a common goal
  • daily emails to inform you and help you stay on-track
  • personal feedback and support
  • challenges to help you push yourself to the next level
  • fitness/workout tips
  • diet/nutrition/meal planning tips

Have a friend who lives in another state but who also wants lose weight?

Sign up with her (or him)!

Now you can "work out" together!

I can't wait to work with you to help you achieve the goals you set for yourself... to help you become an even better version of yourself.


Tomorrow is TODAY!