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Dr. Debra Em Wilson

Dr. Debra Em Wilson, a Reading Specialist and the Founder of S’cool Moves, is a graduate of the University of Southern Queensland Professional Studies Research Program. Her dissertation uncovered attributes of successful collaboration between occupational therapists and general education teachers working together in the classroom environment. She has over 30 years presenting and teaching elementary through college students. Courses are often taught with an another facilitator but Ruzuku limits the course facilitator to only one name. See the course flyer for additional information.

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About this Course

What You’ll Learn:    

• Therapy-based strategies for diverse “kaleidoscope” learners who may be labeled with dyslexia, sensory processing disorder, ADHD, and more

• Bridge services between special & general education with research-based, practical collaboration solutions that work for busy teachers and support staff

• Neuroscience, dynamic systems approach, and evidence-based strategies for Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 intervention

• Engaging classroom videos along with active hands-on learning

• Minute Moves for Tier 1 whole class intervention to support all learners using evidence-based strategies including:

  •  Minute Moves for Calming 
  •  Recess Refocusing Routine
  •  Minute Moves for Fine Motor
  •  Minute Moves for Writing Posture
  •  Minute Moves for Focus
  •  Minute Moves for Test Taking
  •  Minute Moves for Vision
  • Speech and Reading Routine

• Focus Moves for Tier 2 and Tier 3 individual and small group intervention & motor groups including:

  • Ten Focus Moves beginning level activities
  • Ten Focus Moves intermediate level activities

   • Power Up! Moves for Tier 2 and Tier 3 individual and small group literacy stations

  • Quadrant Word Tap activity using rhythm and bilateral integration to learn high frequency words
  • Transition Tune-ups for improving rapid naming and fine motor skills
  • Word Ping-Pong activity for learning new words while improving tracking and other visual skills
  • Power Up! Moves posters to integrate vestibular and developmental skills with academic standards
  • Brain Spark Reading Flipbooks for integrating S'cool Moves movement concepts with literacy stories using high frequency words.

This course is facilitated by Dr. Debra Em Wilson, Collaboration Expert, Reading Specialist, and all around Passionate Advocate for children who think and learn differently.

The one day course is an overview of Minute Moves, Focus Moves, and Power Up! Moves. For extensive coverage of these topics, we recommend you attend both days.