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Mark Reinert

Mark Reinert is a relationship and business coach, author and innovative problem solver.

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About this Course

Registration on this page is closed but you can get the replay here.

During this 92 minute program recorded March 30, 2013 we discussed how Tantric practices and principles, including pleasure and desire, can enhance your life regardless of your spiritual beliefs (or lack of them).

This program is closed but you can get the replay here.

The featured guest speaker was Mark Fleming, Tantra Teacher and Erotic Educator.  He has been exploring the healing connections between sex and spirit for over 20 years.  As faculty for the Body Electric School, and in his own workshops, Mark teaches Tantra to individuals, couples and groups throughout the US and Canada.

Your host is gay intimacy coach Mark Reinert, founder of the Male Healthy Touch Club.

During this program you'll learn

  • What is Tantra anyway?
  • The six primary principles of Tantra
  • How working with Tantric principles and practices can cause transformation and empowerment
  • How to find wellbeing through pleasure and desire
  • How better sex is often little more than a delightful side effect of Tantric practice.
  • Three physical practices that support emotional freedom and erotic fulfillment
  • How you can use open-heartedness and conscious awareness for erotic fulfillment

This program is for you if you're a gay or bisexual man on a journey toward erotic fulfillment, remarkable relationship or solid self-confidence.

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