Do i need a patent still

Three valuable tutorials: - "Do I Need a Patent?" - "The Most Important Financial Measure" - "Product Launch Overview"

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Mike Bucci

Mike Bucci, inventor, entrepreneur and author of "Start Living the American Dream" translates his considerable experience bringing new, unique and useful products to market into a series of valuable online tutorials. These affordable tutorials enable you to target your learning and economically build your expertise.

About this Course

"Do I Need a Patent?"
Mike discusses your all-importantPatent concerns, including: the Types of Patents available to you, their relative cost and  which is the right one to Protect YOUR idea. (Running Time: 16:45)

"The Most Important Financial Measure"
Mike has made a living by launching products as inexpensively as possible AND by making smart choices with his money. Here, he shares his Most Important financial lesson. (Running Time: 08:46)

"Product Launch Overview"
Mike outlines both the Evaluation and Execution required to commercialize an idea, including his proprietary Evaluation Process and key areas to focus upon.(Running Time: 07:52)