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Mike Bucci

Mike Bucci, inventor, entrepreneur and author of "Start Living the American Dream" translates his considerable experience bringing new, unique and useful products to market into a series of valuable online tutorials. These affordable tutorials enable you to target your learning and economically build your expertise.

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About this Course

"The Most Important Financial Measure" Tutorial
Mike has made a living by launching products as inexpensively as possible AND by making smart choices with his money. Here, he shares his Most Important financial lesson. (Running Time: 08:46)


"The Most Important Question" Tutorial
Mike Bucci discusses the Big Question to answer first about your idea, how to arrive at a realistic answer, and the Incorrect Assumptions to avoid. (Running Time: 04:23)

"Preparing for Entrepreneurship" Tutorial
Mike discusses preparing for your new business, including the business, family and financial preparation required to dive into entrepreneurship. (Running Time: 31:32)