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Nancy Chorpenning

is a business advisor and coach to entrepreneurs and executives. Her specialty is working with women, helping them create, build, and manage successful sustainable businesses they LOVE. She is a fierce advocate for business owners who want to integrate all parts of their lives and work on the RIGHT business issues.

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About this course

Join a group of women entrepreneurs to
'Build Your Own Business Model' from the Comfort of Your Home - When YOU have the time!

Your comprehensive business model will help you Beat the Startup Statistics and Plan Your Winning Business
NOW you don't have to go it alone

Whether you have a brand new business idea, or you want to improve your current business, you will benefit by the clarity, focus, and flexibility you gain in establishing this model structure for your product or service.

We'll be using a Visual Business Tool called the Business Model Canvas. WHY is the Business Model Canvas good for you?

  1. You'll find problems EARLY
  2. It's a manageable task to create
  3. It forces you to think through many parts of your idea
  4. MUCH simpler than a full business plan
  5. It sets a SOLID FOUNDATION to move forward with your idea

Beginning with a Confidentiality Agreement to protect your ideas and concepts in this course, you'll get:

  • VIdeo Introduction to the Business Model Canvas
  • Video Introduction to Creating Your Value Proposition
  • Readings about Lean Methodology for YOUR Business
  • Value Proposition ToolKit
  • and much more!
  • INCLUDING access to our PRIVATE Facebook Group where other women are working on their Canvas for feedback, support, and accountability


  1. If my business is still in the idea stage, is this a good program for me?
    Actually it is a WONDERFUL time to learn this tool. You will get to see - ON PAPER, without investing gobs of $$ and time to build something that isn't wanted/needed/etc - the places where you either still need more information for your plan, or areas that are getting in the way of your primary vision.

  2. What if I already have a product or service out in the market -- how would this program help me?
    Let me answer with a question: Are you completely satisfied with your sales and believe they cannot be improved upon? If your answer is 'No,' this is a terrific way to identify those precise aspects of your product that can be strengthened, and that will result in higher satisfaction (and $$) by customers. Then, you can test them on paper and survey some current clients to get feedback before instituting those changes.

  3. Will these materials be available after I complete my course?
    Yes! You will have ongoing access to this portal and the materials. In fact I encourage you to come back often, and use the tools over and over as you refine your business model.

    More questions? Email me!