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Laura Volpintesta, Fashion Illustration Tribe

I want to see you come out of your shell! All of those ideas in your head....I'm here to give you the tools, one by one, to bring them out onto paper, in an encouraging environment that meets you one your schedule. I want you to feel safe to create as you grow into your confidence in a playful, exploring, deep way to know what fashion students are learning in my classes for 20 years now at the best fashion schools, but without the debt and pressure. This is where you can get empowered in a place where you are in the driver's seat, and what you feel, think, know and are curious about matters as you develop your unique style and voice to share with the world....or even just for yourself. I want you to never be afraid of a blank piece of paper again....... xoxo Laura

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About this course

I want to see YOU shine and take it to the next level in your fashion sketching and illustrating!

How do you RENDER sheer, shadow, sparkle, and shine?

Do you want to learn tips I use for watercolor, marker, pencils and gouche sketching eveningwear?

🌟draped styles, cowls

🌟gathers and shirring

🌟flared silhouettes



🌟lace effects

🌟fabrics: taffetta, satin, charmeuse, georgette

Hi! I'm Laura Volpintesta, your guide in FABRIC, FORM, and FLOW , 

founder of Fashion Illustration TRIBE, author of The Language of Fashion Design and Assistant Professor of Fashion at Parsons School of Design since 1997.

I know you love the textures, shapes, and drama of special fabrics and pieces ... 

BUT How do you harness the techniques to represent shine, sheer, silhouette....?

Fringe, feathers, fur and fuzzy, reflections, sequins, velvet, and more?

How do you bring them together to let your imagination run free and confidently sketch fashion designs? to capture the drama! ?

What can you do to make your sketches stand out and really tell what's going on in draped gowns, sparkly embroidery, and precious details?

Sequins, glitter, sheer, feathers, high shine....

Do you have 5 hours? 5 videos take you through the lessons, and homework to have you designing and illustrating with your new techniques right away.


No matter where you are at in your development, these exercises are up-leveling you and taking you in over-my-shoulder for all of my illustrating and designing tips, insights, tools and techniques to make you want to sketch along through the whole course! You'll even design a unique line of special-fabric garments!

I'll be urging you along to complete projects, practices, design sketches and illustrations.

I WANT IT ALL TO FEEL FRESH AND NEW FOR YOU> using new tools and approaches will "wake up" your fashion drawing and take you to a new level of self discovery and style evolution,

I'm here for you to get you to that new level.  There are  5 + hours of video- five different classes.
We discuss and explore  markers, gouache, iPad/ Tablet illustration apps too. 

The tools are universal as you learn how ro capture texture, shape, shine and shimmer .

 in all of my courses, even though we are talking about fabrics, drawing, illustration and color rendering...... we also ALWAYS discuss DESIGN and I"ll give you lots of tips and prompts for sketching up ideas that are cohesive and creating collections. 

We'll also talk about design details, gathers, flares, pleats and folds, and how to express those things. Even flats and technical drawings!  Let me know if you have any questions and let's get Eveningwear into your fashion portfolio to add a nother flavor to your range of design expression!YOU CAN SIGN UP TODAY AND ACESS THE COURSE IMMEDIATELY!