50 percent more profit in 4 weeks

50% More Profit in 4 Weeks was piloted through the Woodard Institute in 2016 to rave reviews. It is the only course online that takes accounting professionals through a proven 4 weeks road map with their business clients to grow profits in record time. This program also walks the accounting professional through how to expand their practice and their profitability by becoming a business therapist. According to Jim B., a 40 year veteran CPA and Intuit ProAdvisor, "There's nothing like this on the web. Nothing. It's gold."

Your Guide

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Professor Dawn Fotopulos

Award-winning author of Accounting for the Numberphobic; A Survival Guide for Small Business Owners, speaker at Scaling New Heights, Intuit QuickBooks Connect, Associate Professor Business The King's College, New York City. Recovering banker, real estate investor, hedge fund partner who is on a mission to double small business survival rates.

About this Course

Accounting professionals are not just number crunchers or tax preparers.  They have deep knowledge of their clients' financial picture and have the potential to offer consulting services that dramatically improve the future of their practice and their business clients' bottom line. This course is an accelerated master class which accomplishes a lot in a short time. We have piloted this 8 module course with dozens of top CPAs and ProAdvisors from around the U.S. Here's what they said after they completed the course: 

  • "OMG I died and went to heaven. My client finally understands what I've been trying to tell them for 15 years." Julie G, CPA
  • "This is why I became an accounting professional; to make a real difference in the lives of my small business clients" Jim B, CPA
  • "Dawn doesn't just tell us what to do, she tells up step by step how to work with our clients even if we're not good salespeople. I can do this and be very successful at it" Hal R, CPA

For the first time, maybe in your life, you will know; 

  • How to deal with any objections and assume the role of business therapist without hard selling. 
  • You'll learn how to close new business within two weeks using this program.
  • How to get your small business owners up to speed understanding their financials within one week without you having to tutor them to prepare them for the success you'll show them. 
  • How to analyze the three key areas of any business where profits are always hiding and how to build an action plan to unlock them in record time. 
  • How to partner with your business clients so they follow through and gain the benefit of your analysis. 
  • How to get compensated based on what you deliver, not just what you do. 

The 50% More Profit in 4 Week Roadmap was developed by Professor Dawn Fotopulos, award-winning author and associate professor of business at The King's College in New York City.  The mission of this course is to empower and equip accounting professionals to transform and unlock the true potential of the small business economy one client at a time. As of the development of this course, 400 small businesses have a future and a hope because of applying the concepts you'll learn here.