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MarLo online courses are masterfully crafted by Chantill Lopez and Cori Martinez, both of whom are dedicated teachers, coaches, authors and entrepreneurs. With more than 15 years EACH of expertise teaching yoga, Pilates, meditation, self-inquiry as well as life and business coaching, they offer quality education and experience in each of their courses.

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About this Course

Do you wish you had a more consistent self-practice so that you were actually practicing what you preach?  What would it be like to show up day after day with CONTAGIOUS ENERGY, a STRONG PURPOSE and CRYSTAL CLEAR VISION for your teaching that was not only inspiring to your students but helped you navigate choices about your continuing education as well as your business? 

What you will get out of this course:

  • How to engage in and sustain your own creative and motivating self-practice every week
  • Precisely identify your current challenges and roadblocks in your teaching and/or business that are holding you back
  • Discover your Anchor - The WHY of what you do and turn it into a clear PURPOSE that will help you address EVERY challenge and roadblock you face
  • Answer questions of where to go with your teaching, how to choose or clarify a niche, articulate your target audience, and utilize your strengths
  • Create a clear strategy to improve your teaching and your business that you can take with you beyond the course 


Dedicate 28 days to your teaching like you never have before. This workshop will take you deeply into your own personal practice, reveal your motivations and reasons for teaching and help you realign with a strong and potent vision for your teaching so that you can overcome roadblocks and consistently inspire your students!

Develop the habit of practice and establish the skills to maintain it so that your teaching is rooted in real and dedicated experience. Be accountable to WALKING YOUR TALK and experience the value of being your own best student. Not only get stronger, be more strongly able to teach from a place of living your practice. 

Connect and be supported via our Weekly Group Calls (Sundays at 10 am PST - California time starting on 8/27/2017) and in the Live Online Discussion Boards! This will be the opportunity for you to explore the topic of the week, share your insights, and ask your questions. Connect with others and go at your own pace. 

Redefine your teaching and your business by establishing a precise teaching vision, identifying your ideal students, crafting a powerful message and philosophy for every thing you do in your work. Learn how to ask the right questions when things get tough, more easily move through roadblocks and stay connected to your core values.

Design your teaching and business to reflect what is most important to you in your life!


Based on Chantill's one-of-a-kind book “Moving Beyond Technique: How To Nurture Your Passion, Master Your Craft, And Create A Thriving Pilates Business.”