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Karen Bonaker

Welcome! I look forward to watching you grow as a digital artist, and I want you to know that as an instructor, I am committed to your artistic growth. You will find I am only an email away, and I strive to respond to all emails within twenty-four hours, I am available for any questions or problems you might encounter in class. You will never be stuck or unable to progress, and I think you will enjoy yourself. See you in class!

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About this course

Lesson 1
Watercolor The Digital Way

Don't let this extraordinary brush category elude you! Learn the basics of digital watercolor painting using Corel Painter! This course is appropriate for the Intermediate Painter user. Once you have completed the lessons you will feel more confident and your watercolor paintings will show that confidence.

Lesson 2
Discover Traditional Media Brushes-New To Painter 2018

This month you will learn how to use brushes that emulate thick paint, such as oils and acrylics, and learn some of the basics of using impasto. You will complete several paintings which will help you to understand how to get the best and most traditional effects.

Furthermore, we will focus on the brush engine in Painter. You will review brush methods and subcategories with an emphasis on and liquid brushes.  Painter's brush engine is powerful, and we need to understand how it works to achieve natural looking brush strokes.

Lesson 3
Botanical Illustration

You will learn how to paint beautiful flowers, fruit, and berries using watercolor brushes with Painter.  You will be taught the tricks to achieve a three-dimensional quality within your discipline.  You will discover the basics of creating a simple sketch, and you will find out why the value is so important to achieve a realistic yet painterly appearance.

Lesson 4
The Art of Portrait Collage

You will explore new and creative ways to approach digital collage this month. Collage shouldn't just happen. It requires that you look at the entire concept. You don't want to pick images for the sake of filling in the blank.  You want to build meaning within your art. It requires a bit of forethought.

You should plan your concept and integrate pictures into this concept, so this month you will be lead through the thought process on how to make your work come together. You will also spend some time reviewing the Photo Art and Texture Panels to gain a new understanding these powerful tools.

Lesson 5
Classical Landscape Painting

This month you will focus on the essentials of fine art landscape painting.  You will utilize many new brushes for this lesson, and you will be encouraged to work from photo reference. You will be encouraged to paint freestyle.
Students are also encouraged to use their resourcefulness to develop their paintings. There are no real rules, just have fun painting beautiful landscapes!

Lesson 6
The Hidden Value of Texture

This month you are going to learn to appreciate the value of implementing textures to your digital art, and you will be taught some new and exciting ways to create your own textures while employing texture in your brush.
Students will also work on their final image for the session.

What Will I Recieve for Joining This Course?

1. Each session, which begins on the first day of the month, receives custom brush categories that are yours forever.

2. Each session includes high-resolution images, textures, and other surprises that can be downloaded. You are free to use these resources personally or commercially.
3. Each month, you will enjoy a live webinar. Typically, this is set for the first Saturday of each month; however, if you can't attend, it will be recorded. This recording can be downloaded, or viewed online, at your convenience.

4. Digital Art Academy believes being able to communicate directly with your instructor is foundational to your growth; therefore, you will find exceptional, personalized interaction with your instructor each month.

You will enjoy a total of six special classes, which will keep you engaged each month while pushing your artistic skills higher.
You can find more information about payment methods on the FAQ page.


This course is for you if you consider yourself an intermediate Painter user.
An Intermediate user will have some experience with Painter and is fairly comfortable with the basic interface, you can select a brush and you understand what a layer is.


A working copy of Corel(r) Painterâ„¢ 2017 or greater is required. Remember that you can download a 30-day trial version of the software to use for this class. Some classes may be written for the most current Painter release.
A Wacom Pen Tablet & Stylus or comparable this would include Huion, Ugee, Surface Pro- Using a Mouse is not the optimal tool for digital painting
A system capable of running Painter â„¢