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Prioritizing and productivity for your voice-over business.

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Natasha Marchewka

Broadcast and non-broadcast, I have recorded 10,000+ commercials and voice-over projects and have grown my business exponentially through referrals from happy clients throughout North America and around the globe over the past 11+ years. From World Vision, to Electrolux, to the local craft brewery, clients continue to return to my product and service worthy of their most important business projects. I started my voiceover business with a six-month-old in the background; this, after a Bachelor’s degree in Radio Television Arts, several years of singing in New York, and many, MANY jobs paying my dues. Once deciding to work as an at-home voice talent, why not add moving to three different countries with two kids and two pets in tow? A StudioBricks acoustic booth, and Yoga, help me keep calm and carry on. ॐ

About this Course

With an ongoing to-do list, the fast paced demands of a voice-over business, and the illusion of what you "should" do, “Master VO TO DO List” helps you, as a voice talent, wake up with a plan - providing plenty of resources and ideas, while supporting you in creating and sorting out lists and priorities! 

#1 Outcome = a personalized VO TO DO list

Master VO TO DO List helps you know that what you’re doing is the most important and result-producing thing you can do today.

Next Course Begins Fall 2017. 

Please email natasha@natashamarchewka.com to be notified for the next course.