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Feland L. Meadows, Ph.D. is the Roberto C. Goizueta Endowed Chair and Professor of Early Childhood Education at Kennesaw State University. He is Founder and President of the PAN AMERICAN MONTESSORI SOCIETY. He has prepared more than 2,500 Montessori Teachers in California, Montana, Georgia and Florida in the U.S. and in Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, Brazil, France, and Switzerland.

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About this course

Montessori Teacher Education: Teaching Children How To Read & Write - Part 1

In this course, you will learn to use scientifically designed Montessori materials in ways that will make it possible for you to teach 3 and 4-year-old children to write and read successfully. You will learn to use the research based keyword objects and cards, the cursive sandpaper letters and movable alphabet to help children develop phonemic awareness and to achieve sound-symbol association.  You will learn to present writing activities which lead children to discover reading spontaneously.  Your children will learn to write and read successfully before they enter Kindergarten.