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Jessica Lozano

Jessica is an entrepreneur and business lecturer, championing Small Business Enterprise, with a track record of creating and turning ideas into reality. She is a inspirational leader, innovative and proactive, arranging regular workshops and speaking at events. Co-Founder of Mockbee & Co. a platform for young design graduates to showcase their designs on home furnishings

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About this Course

Design your business with our 4 modular course

This course is designed in 4 modules, which take you through 20 practical lessons, step by step through carefully thought out exercises. From nailing your idea down, creating your Value Proposition, knowing your customers and getting your products made – you will be taught everything you need to know how to get started with your new business venture.

The course is split into four modules and it is completely flexible.

WHAT'S INCLUDED: free downloads (including a trend report of Colour Futures), links, tips, community group, discussion forum, templates and lots well as that important inspiration and motivation with the setting of milestones to complete.

Module 1 teaches you the ‘why’ and what matters to you. The Big idea is explored along with getting the vision for your new business clear. These are the foundations so you will be able to start creating a business you want. You can share your ideas on our facebook community page.

COMING SOON Module 2 will show you how to create you business model with a step-by-step approach and lots of insightful case studies and how other companies have done it. You will be all over the trends and be able to share what your business is all about. The makings of a brand will be started here as well.

COMING SOON Module 3 is all about the customer and getting it made. Two large areas when starting a business but you will be guided through step by step of how to approach suppliers, what you need to know and be able to make the right decisions for your brand.

COMING SOON Module 4 will show you how to start getting seen and recognized in the industry and by retailers as well as really ramping up your sales and marketing strategy. This is the point when it will come together and you are ready to get going!

It really is like having a teacher with you guiding you through, setting milestones, with all the power at your fingertips.

At the end of the course I hope to have taken you from your ‘nightmare scenario’ to your ‘dream scenario’. Here is some of the research, which we conducted, from current undergraduate students and what their nightmare and dream scenarios are.

Nightmare scenario:

“Not being able to connect with an intended audience.”

“Producing work I am not passionate about.”

“Spending too much time ‘doing’ life …..thinking I’ll be creative tomorrow.”

Dream scenarios:

“ Selling a collection of designs to a British based company that can be sold internationally.”

“Having my own company and running a brand on social media.”

“To have a studio with a shop front window where I can work, sell and hold workshops. Maybe exhibit, build on my garden as a resource.”

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