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Healer Coach Trainer Author for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual growth. Author of printed and digital book Oneness Effort available at Amazon & Kindle to trace, face and embrace your deepest routed pains arrived in your life after conception. Author of Self-Help courses for specific so called "chronic" diseases, which have been researched with patients for over 25 years.

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About this course

Inner Self-Help course to stop all kind of headaches

  • Migraines
  • Tension
  • Cluster
  • Sinus

Set right 2 beams of light in your head. It is as easy as pie. 

And if you face problems we help you out with our weekly webinar at which you can ask questions and clarifications. In addition the used online course platform contains per participant an overview of the read and mastered lessons and enables students to share experiences within the course community

Leverage from 25 years of spiritual research and practice with actual patients on how to wipe out all kinds of headaches. Humanity comes from the 7th dimension and at this stage we are moving from the 3rd to the 4th dimension. This implies we are capable of much more.  Just jump as a four year old kid into a Ferrari and drive.  Do not ask to many mental questions:  e.g. how does the engine works? Just steer and enjoy the ride as you would in a dream. EXPERIENCE!

Stop your headaches:

  • all by yourself: just follow the instructions
  • buy only this online course: no upselling
  • no additional products to buy for years
  • improve your health : stop damaging  your brains and organs (by using painkillers)
  • cut down on annual insurance costs
  • enjoy your weekends and holidays (with family & friends)
  • enhance your career opportunities (less absence at work)
  • have faith in this inner approach (7th dimension)
  • cut down on society medical costs : take your responsibility
  • improve your life span (normally life energy is wasted after each attack)

Be aware  cluster headaches are the most difficult headaches to be treated with succes.  It just needs one extra balancing technique on top of the migraine headache approach. Read the testimonials on our website.