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Nellie Wortman

I believe that we all have a story to tell and everywhere we go we leave evidence of this and it through my pieces of art, that I share my stories. I love working with old, tattered, vintage and recycled items and incorporate them into my pieces of art and give them a new breathe of life.

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About this course

We all probably have scraps of fabrics, kids clothing that our kids have outgrown or pieces of fabrics, that we want to hold onto or even cherish and wished that we knew what to use them for. Well, you have found the right project, for those pieces. I have always had a love of taking old, discarded, tattered, vintage and everyday modern clothing/fabrics and create pieces of art out of them, but also  where it serves as a dual purpose. In this class, I will show you how to take fabrics and depending on the book that you are wanting to use, create a wrap that would hold it.  Not only will your wrap, be a piece of art in itself, but it will serve as a dual purpose by wrapping and enclosing your book, to keep it safe and protected. Just think of the conversational piece that this will be, for anyone who sees it.