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Knowing. Awakening. Peace. Contemplative Journal is an online educational magazine whose goal is to empower people on the meditative path. We believe that those embarking on the journey of knowing themselves will awaken to the Love that encompasses the universe and find the healing of inner peace. Our articles, classes, and retreat listings are dedicated to helping people navigate all areas of their lives through the power of transformational spiritual practice. Visit us at

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About this Course

Whether we like it or not, loss and the ensuing grief is a natural part of life. If you are going through grief, my heart goes out to you. The “good news” is that we go through grief. That means we don’t have to stay there. Working through grief is a lot like being in school. We can learn a great deal from grief’s lessons if we are willing.

Healing is a process. This is true for the body, but it is also true for the emotions. Feeling lost, alone, confused is normal. Those feelings will pass as you learn to rely on your own inner strength and the wisdom that is deep inside you. That wisdom is always there, always trying to guide you. It is one of your greatest assets.

~Donna Miesbach