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Susan Nunn

Susan is a 'lover of many things.' Her creative endeavors are all fed with her love of nature, balance and her deep spiritual beliefs. She is a Writer, Editor, Teacher and Author, as well as a Feng Shui Consultant and Tea Purveyor. She earned her BA at Vermont College, and earned an MFA at Antioch University Los Angeles, with dual concentration (Fiction and Creative Non-fiction). She is a Certified Creative Writing Instructor, and a graduate of the Western School of Feng Shui. Her Feng Shui Consulting practice highlights nature as a living entity. She has embodied Nature’s balance and peaceful flow of how things should be, and applies it to everything she does. It has also helped with her creative writing in developing a deep flow as well as in editing for others. Even her wild and delicious teas, which she blends many of them herself, are a product of her love of nature. She lives in Boise, Idaho where she cares for her 93-year-old father, with the help of her two Canines - Harry and Ellie.

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About this course






Is it affecting your work? Your relationship?

This class was first inspired by my Feng Shui clients who were calling daily wondering how to counteract all of the negativity coming out of our Nation's Capitol. Now, Coronavirus has the phone ringing double time. Realizing that our political dramas and this virus aren't the only stress 'triggers' - I decided to create a class that, no matter the type of Chronic Stress, one that would help all of us who have been living with Chronic Stress find a path back to Center. 

As many of you may know, (please read my bio on this same page), I am not JUST a Feng Shui Consultant,  I do many things, but it is the Feng Shui that allows me to function like this.  And, what I have designed in these pages is my gift to you!  There is no reason to spend our lives in such turmoil, when it is totally not necessary.  As you work through these pages and the journal, which is designed to help you dig down to the WHY,  which, in turn, begins to help us build our Feng Shui foundation, you will find that you are on your Path back to Peace. The best part about it all is we no longer have to be a victim of our circumstances. I have published a small eBook, a companion piece, to this class on Amazon - 6 Powerful Steps to Creating a Stress-Free Life.

We don't have to hang upside down just to get some relief




This experience is set up in order to give you total access to the class upon registration, which means you can do it at your own pace, and you can go back for as long as you like, indefinitely. Trying to relieve any added stress, I’ve designed this so there are no mandatory check-ins, but we will be doing a Zoom Q&A each week, (that start date tbd). In the meantime, if you want or need help with any of this, just email me and I will be right there to help you. Or go on our Private (Secret) Facebook page, where we can all unload with the issues and the fixes we discover,  and I will be on it daily, responding. 

Knowing our world is pretty much upside down right now, either with the Political Chaos, the Coronavirus  or the Chronic Stress that so many of us have been living with for so long, I have created this class to bring each of you some balance and peace. I have designed specific tools to help you find your way to a deeper understanding of what exactly the trigger for the stress is.

Again, we have a Private Facebook Group set up for all of us. Here we can go into great discussion about our homes and about our ‘stress.’  We can share pictures. This is a community for us, just to work through some of our issues, whether it is about the home layout, or the chronic stress that we live with. It’s for us. Upon your registration, I will send an invitation over to you to join this group.

As with any work, the more we put into it, the more we will reap. I once heard, “If we know something and don’t do it, it means we really don’t know it.” I believe in this. We can read something, and say that’s good, then move on without really embodying the information. But, if we bring the information into a deeper level, that is where the change will come.

No, I am not a therapist, I am a Feng Shui Consultant and I can help you understand how to create a positive energy flow through your homes or offices which, in turn, will help bring you into balance and create a calmness and peacefulness that you have been longing for.



as you peruse the class schedule.

My Gift to You is a Pathway From Chronic Stress to PEACE. 

See how each Class Module is designed to clear your path to peace, and help you define and understand the underlying reasons. 

Module #1 – Introduction to Class and Feng Shui and our Pathway to Peace Journal. Let’s Relieve Some Stress

Module #2 – What’s Happening? The Story We Are Living

 Module #3 - Understanding Energy Flow (Feng Shui) and its power. 

Module #4 – And, we open up the Spiral to Peace with our first two ‘guas,' Helpful People and Travel, and Career

 Module #5 – The next two ‘guas’ on your Spiral to Peace – Knowledge and Self Cultivation and Family and Health

Module #6 – The next two guas on our Spiral to Peace – Wealth and Fame

 Module #7 – The next two guas of our Spiral to Peace – Love and Marriage (Relationships) and Creativity and Children.

Module #8 – The Spiral to Peace has brought us Home: The Last Gua – Our Heart, the heart of our home.



Bonus #1 – for the first ten sign-ups, each will receive a one (1) hour FREE consultation following their fourth module, to help them get their homes set up. ($175 Value)

Bonus #2 – for the first 25 sign-ups, you will receive three (3) months of weekly group Q & A gatherings via ZOOM free.  Please note: The class includes weekly Q&A sessions. This bonus is to continue these following the class. ($147 Value)

Q & A's

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers. If you have questions that no one has asked yet, feel free to email me at and I will respond.

Question:  How can Feng Shui, which is about arranging things in the home, help with stress?

Answer: By stimulating a positive energy flow through the home or office, it helps to bring the occupants into balance. By being in balance, one does not respond to these stressful events in the same way.

Question:  When stress becomes Chronic Stress, it is usually out of our hands and we can’t do anything about it.

Answer:  As most in the medical field now tell us, stress is not the culprit, it is all about how we respond to whatever is happening that gets us. As in my Personal Story above, there was nothing I could do about the migrants coming through the ranch, and they needed food and water, but by coming to grips with how I was responding, and working towards a positive outcome, it all changed for me and that all happened when I fixed my Relationship/Love/Marriage gua.

Question:  How do we know what is actually the cause of our stress?

Answer: Good question.  Many times we think it is one thing, but find out it runs much deeper than that. For example, if the Stress is being caused by Financial issues, this process will guide you first to your Financial gua, and then it may lead you to your Career gua, and so forth. We dig down to find the actual culprit, and work from there.