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Laura Volpintesta, Fashion Illustration Tribe

I want to see you come out of your shell! All of those ideas in your head....I'm here to give you the tools, one by one, to bring them out onto paper, in an encouraging environment that meets you one your schedule. I want you to feel safe to create as you grow into your confidence in a playful, exploring, deep way to know what fashion students are learning in my classes for 20 years now at the best fashion schools, but without the debt and pressure. This is where you can get empowered in a place where you are in the driver's seat, and what you feel, think, know and are curious about matters as you develop your unique style and voice to share with the world....or even just for yourself. I want you to never be afraid of a blank piece of paper again....... xoxo Laura

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About this course

MODEL MAGIC  is now OPEN FOR ENROLLMENT (scroll to bottom for a videos , and more are bundled at  https::// about model drawing and drawing to get you started)

Enrollment right NOW includes the 15 module course


one 45 minute private coaching video call ($333 value) for $111 if you choose to add on. (usually $250)- email me for calendar and payment link).

free BONUS course ($444 value) FASHION DESIGN INFUSION course! 

Model Magic  is a method I created based on having been a student AND a teacher of model drawing—

Model drawing exercises in the program are designed to depend transform the way you draw and see, widen your scope of expression. (There are two videos on this page to get you into the feel of my teaching of you’re new to my world!!)  just scroll down. 

These exact exercises I hand picked and  curated because they were all game-changers for me, for my students, and form the very foundations of my work and practice!


Beginner or advanced, these exercises “never get old”.   I STILL USE THEM to tap into my personal flow and reconnect with beauty, truth and accuracy all at the same time!!

I wouldn’t even offer such a program if I didn’t stand behind it with all my heart and soul.

 each week we can go over what comes up, why the exercise works, how you can apply it to achieve what YOU want, and also clear limiting beliefs and fears that come up when you try to “let go” to get more movement, expression and depth  (plus accuracy) in your  drawing.   

We’ll also re-think how you approach using your art supplies and your body in your drawing.

I  CAN’T IMAGINE a subject  more inspiring than the human form.     I can't wait to work with you! 

Enjoy the free video below to get started.  Learn more about Model Drawing with today's youtube video BELOW.   Also visit the Model Drawing video bundle at my website,6 videos for you to enjoy!

Hi, I'm Laura Volpintesta.

I've been teaching fashion design and model drawing/ portfolio for 20 years at Parsons School of Design in NYC and online.  This experience goes very deep into undoing the way you think drawing happens, with standing, posed figures as the subject. 

We'll work through  14 exercises

... that each take a different myth and bust it, 

....a different art tool and explore it, 

...and a different aspect of drawing and deepen it, that you will experience a transformatin in expression and experience drawing models and anything else.  THIS IS AN INCREDIBLE FEELING to cross the threshold into drawing and seeing this way and feeling self-expressed dynamically, accurately and vitally.

We'll meet once for each of the 14 exercises to to bring it to life and make new headway every week.
I can't wait to work with you!


Model Drawing video:

Drawing without Fear: