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Desiree D Habicht

I am a multi-media artist and designer. I help people find their creative voice while making beautiful things. I love to create art using fiber, paint, pastels, or mixed media. I am also the owner of Desiree's Designs were we design fabric, patterns, embroidery as well as teach. Its about the creative process for me. Whether I am teaching art, design, fiber art or teaching our projects from Desiree's Designs, my creative goal is to help you build a strong foundation and help your confidence and talent grow. There is nothing better than creating something special using your own ideas and talents. I can't wait to learn more about you in class. Find me at and my fine art at

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About this course

Hi it's Desiree!  Let me tell you a bit about me. I am a professional artist, an art lover, a working artist , a fiber artist, a designer, a fabric designer, a pattern designer, a teacher and an entrepreneur and I have a dream and a vision to create a very special artist community. I love everything creative and artsy. I not only teach fine art but I love fiber art as well. When you have a creative spirit is over flows to every area of your life! This is how many of my art quilt have evolved, it comes from my art supplies being in the same room as my sewing supplies! I love to mix it up, think outside the box! My art quilts have won many awards, been featured in magazines and books, and are owned by both commercial and private collectors  if you would like to see more please visit my art website at 

I am excited to have you in class and I can't wait to see what wonderful ways you can use this great technique to enhance your quilts and create new pieces of fiber art! 

In this online class we will be creating Funky Cubist Picasso Portraits that you can make as an art piece or tote but I have also included some instructions for making an apron using hand painted fabrics.  You can use these as regular quilt blocks and sew it into another piece or finish it off and hang it. What ever you decide it is a wonderful introduction to my Art Applique techniques and show you other ways to use your Inktense or colored pencils. This is the same technique that I featured on Quilting Arts TV and in their magazine in 2015. 

Each Lesson is broken out into bite sized pieces with written instructions, downloadable PDF templates, videos, and more. I will walk you through coloring each leaf and the background. I will also show you other ways to use colored pencils to enhance your other quilts or art pieces.

Awesome things you will learn in this lesson:

  • Choosing colors
  • Making a template
  • How to apply your pencils or bars
  • How to use your stamps for textures
  • How to apply the textile medium
  • Blending
  • Details
  • Creating Texture
  • Painting fabric using Setacolor Light paints
  • Creating and finishing an apron
  • and more!!

Once you are finished this piece is colorfast and washable. The whole lesson is available to you all at once so you are free to go through the entire lesson in one sitting or do a lesson a day. It is up to you, you watch and complete the lessons at your convenience. You will also have access to this class forever as it will be stored here so bookmark the site.

I teach this technique and more techniques at shows(San Diego Quilt Show Sept 2017) and I will be adding other online classes for different projects pieces I am working on. Please check out my Pre-Stitched blocks  and here, Textile Medium or brushes for coloring on my website at I also have an Embroidery CD coming out at the end of June that will have over a dozen of my own special designs for you to color.