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Wendi Gratz

I'm the owner, designer and teacher at Shiny Happy World - a website packed full of free video tutorials teaching quilting, sewing, embroidery, and crocheted amigurumi - and selling super adorable patterns designed especially for beginners.

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About this Course

Make a BIG impact with BIG applique!

Learn how to enlarge an ordinary applique pattern to make it giant size. (Students will need access to a copy shop - Kinko's/FedEx, Staples, etc. - to print their giant patterns.)

I'll take you step by step through all my favorite supplies and the special techniques I use for oversized applique with fusible adhesive. It's fun! And easier than you think! BIG applique is FAST - so many of these projects can be made in a day!

Make four fun projects. . .

A framed applique "poster"

A giant floor pillow.

A simple baby quilt.

 A huge portrait couch quilt.

By the end of the class you'll be able to adapt any applique design to any size you like - and add huge fun to all your favorite patterns. :-)