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Marlene Hielema

Marlene's mission in life is to simplify photography and video technology, and teach you how to create better photos and web video. -- Marlene teaches several online courses: Point Shoot Wow, Photo Fundamentals, and shorter workshops on video lighting and other topics.

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About this course

Rock your raw files in Photoshop Elements!

This intro course will get you started shooting raw files and doing basic photo editing using Adobe Camera Raw, which is part of Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and LightRoom.

In this course you're going to learn the benefits of shooting raw files and how easy it is to edit raw files.

Not only that, but you'll also learn layers, masking, retouching, and how to make photo collages and composites in Photoshop Elements.

This is a good stepping stone for beginners who want to take their photography and photo editing to the next level.

There are several bonus tutorials using Photoshop CS5, and a couple using Aperture and Lightroom.

Most of the raw processing software on the market today uses similar raw file editing features. Once you know how to work with raw files and do image editing in one software program, transferring that knowledge to others is very easy.

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